This mix was originally made in August 2005, for Fergie's Radio 1 show:

0. TARDIS craziness
1. Egoexpress 'Aranda' (Mute)
2. Fex 'What the Girls like' (Audio Soul Project Remix) (Gourmet)
3. Jon Gurd & Rob Mooney 'Loops til I die' (Bass For Breakfast)
4. Solvent 'Think Like Us' (Alter Ego Remix) (Ghostly)
5. Speedcats 'Speedcats' (Roel H Mix) (Silver Planet)
6. Introspective 'Skanky' (Splitloop Remix) (Sinister)
7. Imogen Heap 'Hide and Seek' (R3volve's Hide and Seek Mix) (CDR)