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Narek & Danny Bullo

Narek began his career as a producer in the city of La Plata around 1998. He made his first track for a travel agency called “Rápido Argentino”; then a track for the “Puerto Libre “ Radio station. Once in Buenos Aires, his tracks became well known in “Bunker”, a famous gay club known around the world by its music and shows. He has worked with the renowned DJ Aldo Haydar under the “Nine Drivers & Faten Seat Belt” nickname. Narek has edited with several high-profile labels such as Universal, Edel Music , Oíd Mortales, and Cosmic Records (now called Sexy Discos). His tracks have been part of various important Sets from DJs such as Hernán Cattaneo. A whole life devoted to electronic music and to experimenting with new and delicate sounds.

Danny Bullo began playing guitar at the age of 8. He’s studied classical guitar for many years and played in his first rock band at the age of 13. In that band, he discovered he had perfect pitch, since he could tell if any instrument was slightly out tune and also knew any chord just by ear. Danny has played in several rock/heavy/fusion bands and was reluctant about electronic music until begun studying musical production at a very important school called “ORT”. A whole new world was opened up in front of his face: he learned about recording techniques, mixing, production, mastering, physics, microphones, audio processing, etc. Most importantly, he’s learned about synthesis and synthesizers. Danny has been very close to electronic music since then, experimenting with many different styles, sounds and synthesizers. Nowadays he has his own studio and has worked as a producer for several projects, such as commercial jingles, producing singers, salsa/cumbia/vallenato/rock (latin) bands, etc. Several DJs such as Hernan Cattaneo, the Luckduck duo, etc. have played his tracks and he has worked for the “Music brokers” label producing tracks of different flavors.

Danny Bullo and Narek met two years ago. They immediately thought they must work together because of the music they love and produce. “We complement each other in a very good way, sharing our ideas and working as a team“, they say. After working persistently for several months they present their first progressive house release together at Fiberlineaudio.com.

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