Catching on with the latest fresh stuff coming from Barcelona, we wanted to feature Nehuen with an interview on The Egg Box. We have our reasons: this past year the skilled young adventurer got some remarkable highlights: Billed for Sonar and Creamfields Andalucía, got a track included in the latest Ministry of Sound Dubstep Compilation, featured the Red Bull Music Academy lectures (where he also provided a collaboration with xxxy) and he's closing the year with a mini tour through South America that will include the epic Green Submarine party in Buenos Aires, headlined by no other than Silkie.

Remember to keep an eye on this one, and don't miss him on a dancefloor if you ever get the chance, this one will make you dance.
Since when have you lived in Barcelona and why did you take that decision?
I've been here since 2005, came with the idea of studying sound engineering and start to produce more seriously, looking forward to buy vinyls, gear and stuff like that, and that's what I've been doing so far.

What was it like to form part of the Red Bull Music Academy?
Great, there is no other word to describe it. Besides the whole experience you get with the lectures, the gear and the party, I also got to know a great group of people, I feel very lucky about that.

A few months ago you created Classicworks, tell us how the idea cameabout.
We were speaking about it long ago, but we stared working on it last year, the idea is to be able to put our music out just a bit faster and with our control on how to promote it. Also music-wise we were coinciding on many things, and it sounded like it was the next step for us so we decided to go ahead.

What will be your next steps with it?
Our next release will be on vinyl, hope we can keep it like that. Last night we made the first Classicworks night and it went really well,so hopefully we'll keep doing parties next year.

Which artists were you listening recently?
Mpia3, Bad News, Marcel Dettmann, Otto von Schirach, Asykan, Audionite, Andy Stott.. That's
some of the stuff I liked the most this year.

What can we hear from you when djing?
Mostly house and techno, old and new, some acid too, and if I got time to go to faster bpms.. some ghetto house and juke.

A track from yours got included in the latest Ministry of Sound compilation Adventures In Dubstep & Beyond Vol. 2, were you surprised by that? Do you follow any of these compilations?

Yes, that was some time ago, the track was first released by Iberian Records, and then Joe Muggs picked it up for the compilation, was really cool, totally unexpected, at least by me.
 I'm always checking music magazines and online stores, so yes, if something calls my attention I check it out.

Do you still visit record stores in Barcelona? Any recommendations?

Hell yes! I just came back from Discos Paradiso in Raval, for me the best one in Barcelona, they select their stuff carefully and also have tons of old stuff. It's a good place to hang out and speak with people form the city, other musicians. I go there a lot with friends just as a meeting point too. And by the way, just around the corner you have 33/4, a bar made for and own by vinyl lovers who also run the Struments record label. I fully support these two stores as I think they are giving a lot of life to the city.