Island grown from the West Coast of Canada, Zara hit the dance music scene in 2005 with her soft and smooth summer vocal hit “No Why” released on Deep Dish’s label Yoshitoshi. It was the singer-songwriter’s first of many releases with world renowned progressive house DJ and producer Sultan. Since then Zara has been spreading her heartfelt melodies around the globe with live performances.

In 2007 Zara began collaborating with the talented trance producer, DJ Shah and released their first song together, "Crawling" on Shah's album "Sunlounger - Another Day on the Terrace" (Armada). The song was a soaring success being the 1 downloaded song off the album which immediately hit top 10 on the dance charts in most European countries and came in as the 1 downloaded album on itunes Holland and remained in the top 10 on the itunes charts for over a year. With an incredible response to their first song, Zara and Shah teamed up again for two more song's, "Talk to Me" and another hit song "Lost", which reached 1 song on Beatport's trance charts, is featured on Armin's State of Trance 2008 album and just won 1 Favorite Trance Song of 2008 on the official ASOT top 20. Now residing in Vancouver, Zara is busy in the studio working on her first solo album and getting ready for her next live shows. With banging new electro-house hits to haunting belearic-trance classics, this versatile chanteuse shows anything can be expected and much is to be anticipated.

Miss Taylor, thank you for this opportunity to chat with you. Firstly, I have fallen under your spell, you are absolutely astounding and gorgeous with your vocals! How long have you been singing for and what music did you initially start off with?

Oh wow, thanks so much... I never tire of hearing that! I really hope that my music puts people under a spell, a love spell... hehe

I really appreciate my fans comments and support everyday. I didn't feel confident to sing my whole life so it continues to inspire me, thank you.

I always loved to sing as a child. I would spend hours in my room singing along to my favorite artists, mostly Madonna and Whitney Houston when I was little. It wasn't until I was in college that I discovered singing was my true passion and that I wanted to seriously pursue my dreams with it, so I've only been singing seriously for about 5 years. I'm living proof it's never too late to start following your dreams. Anything is possible when it comes from the heart!

I have heard from my resources that you and Roger Shah have yet to meet, is this true? If so, do you plan on joining him on stage anytime soon?

Yes, it's true. All our communication and collaborations have been via the internet. I definitely hope we get to perform together in the near future. We've come close in the past but it didn't work out. Hopefully it will happen soon as I would really love that.

You have worked with Deep Dish previously, how did Ali and Sharam come into contact with you?

Actually, I never directly worked with Deep Dish, unless you call partying work, hehe. However, they were the guys who released my first track, NO WHY - Sultan feat. Zara. It was because Sultan had previously released records on Yoshitoshi and he was really building a name in the scene that I first got noticed. I was lucky to hook up with such a talented producer who loved the same style of music as me. That's how it all began.

I was first introduced to your music last year through the song "Lost", when you wrote that, what inspired this tune?

Heaviness! Wow, yeah I hit rock bottom in my life and in myself and in my relationship and the only way to survive what I was feeling was to look deep inside for my faith. The song is really about finding your faith through the darkness in order to find the light again.

I understand you're from Canada, as am I, do you plan on touring here anytime soon with the Armada family?

Yes, I am for sure... I'm hoping next year to have some big shows in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto... but we'll see. I'm just working heavily on my next collaborations at the moment, trying to live in the moment, LOL

I know a little bird who'd like to say hi, his name is Sameer, he was also wondering if you'd give him your mobile number?

He keeps trying... I just don't know why he'd wanna talk to ME???

Haha... moving along, is there perhaps any info you could tease us with about upcoming projects or are we still keeping it "hush hush" to leave the masses in insane anticipation?

I am keeping them hush hush... I don't wanna talk about it... I wanna sing it!

Imraan Mohamed, my brother actually (he loves me but won't admit it) is a HUGE fan of yours, so would you mind saying "Hi" to him? This will save me from buying him a birthday present later on this year

Haha, so sweet... Happy Birthday Imraan Mohamed. Thanks for listening to my songs. Blessings to you!