If you're determined enough to unlock this cabinet, inside you'll find a swirling world full of devious musical tricks and traps, and navigating Juan Farcik's alien data is definitely worth the effort. Resident bleepers Trigerfinger and Chris Firenze meticulously pick the locks with their sly techniques, and demolitions experts Drugstore also join the efforts with their own explosive solution. And to pack all of the contents back into a more condensed form, Revy re-seals the deal with a densely layered micromix.

sin luz en casa
jugando con hilos
carroucel (Trigerfinger Remix)
irritante (Chris Firenze Remix)
irritante (Drugstore Remix)

Bonus: lock airtight micromix by Revy

Download MP3 320Kbps: http://sonicsquirrel.net/get/release/zip/11221

Previews: Drugstore - [Bleepsequence 010] Juan Farcik - Irritante (Drugstore remix) on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

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