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    Mensaje Entrevista a Paul Woolford

    Paul Woolford is definitely an artist to keep your eyes open for. His top quality productions under the guises of Hip Therapist, Wooly and Bobby Peru in particular have been nothing short of brilliant, and in the same vein, his work behind the decks is equally as impressive. So much so, that the Ibiza season just passed saw Paul resident at one of the most respected clubs in the world, Space Ibiza. It is a sure sign that this young man is doing something very right, so we thought we would ask him a few questions that would uncover his recipe for success.

    There is no doubt that your popularity is on the increase. Is there a point in time or something in particular that you see as the turning point in your ever growing status?

    Well there was definitely a moment last year when I took stock and decided that I didn't have enough control over my career. I went through a series of things that could be attributed to a combination of bad management and in myself, not being assertive enough to deal with it. I had a few moments of clarity and decided to get in the driving seat, part of which entailed assembling the right team around me to take care of the things that get in the way of being creative. My attitude change was the catalyst for most of what has happened since then.

    You are considered a DJ and Producer equally. How hard is it for you to balance both arts and are you considering favouring one or the other in the near or distant future?

    Time is the factor which is difficult because spending it travelling every week takes it out of you. My approach is based on if I'm inspired 100%, so I don't bother with the studio for any other reason but it can become troublesome if you have 3 days only before you have to go away again and you're stuck into something. Occasionally I have a brief hiatus from the studio and spend a few weeks focusing solely on DJ’ing but I find that I get cranky if I don't create for too long. At the moment I have no plans to favour one over the other. I've never been one to take everything I'm offered anyway, so time being a factor just helps me make the right decisions, and this applies more so with remixes. It has become obvious what to take and what to turn down.

    How was the experience of being a resident at Space in Ibiza, and how did it all come about?

    It's been excellent, very satisfying and very rewarding mentally. It's also been very interesting and has toughened me up a little. It came about through playing one gig on the terrace at Space for the last 3 years as a part of Back to Basics which is my UK residency. Last year my set time was bumped up from 5pm to 8-10pm because Lottie had missed her flight, and I had the right music and the time was right for me to go for it completely. It worked and that, combined with my change of heart in terms of my attitude was the moment where I tested myself. I actually suggested it to Darren Hughes half jokingly, and he chewed it over and said it was possible on the spot, and then we discussed it in detail over a period of months which was as exciting as it was excruciating, as obviously I could tell no-one until it was fully agreed.

    You were the resident alongside Nic Fanciulli. What are your thoughts on Nic as a DJ?

    Nic is an outstanding DJ whom I have a lot of respect for. Our approaches are very different yet we often overlap musically so when I hear him play it's interesting to get a different take both on those records that we both play, and then the records that maybe I wouldn't go for. I have total 100% trust in him and what he does.

    Ibiza is full of fantastic bodies during the summer. Do you hit the G-Y-M to keep in shape and keep a balance with the DJ’ing lifestyle? Apart from Morales' impressive guns, who is the biggest GYM junkie on the DJ’ing circuit?

    I have joined a gym but the only part I've explored properly is the pool and steam room so far... perhaps it's about time I went into the other realms! As far as who the biggest gym junkie is, I have no idea...

    We recently saw Kate Moss in a bit of trouble due to bad press coverage. With press coverage of dance music as strong as it’s ever been, are DJs having to be more careful about their partying antics?

    Well I hardly think it would be front page news if some tabloid exposed that DJs take drugs. There's so much hypocrisy with it all. It wasn't "news" that Kate Moss was doing what she was doing, and I think that many of the companies that employ her do that knowing her reputation and the edge that she brings. The music industry is ripe with stories and a culture of celebrating excess but at the end of the day it's all bollocks if the music isn't up to it. That's the most important thing.

    What can you tell us in the way of upcoming productions?

    I have just finished some remixes of a new Underworld track called "JAL To Tokyo". This has been the focus for me, and I've put more time into it than any other project. It will be available as a download first of all in Japan only on iTunes over there, and then on Underworld's download shop, www.underworldlive.com. There will also be some vinyl floating around at some point. Also another remix, Vicarious Bliss "Theme" for Skint which was initially quite challenging but also very rewarding.

    I have been constantly working on another album for 2020 Vision under the name Bobby Peru which has been slow progress but better for it, and additionally I have been experimenting with some very stripped and rather abstract material under the name Erotic Discourse. This we have leaked to a small number of key record shops to gauge the reaction and it's been overwhelming. There are a few more things have worked on recently but I'm in the process of working out where they sit in the scheme of things.

    With recent sales now leaning towards the digital format, as a producer, have you noticed any benefits or disadvantages of this trend?

    As a producer there's benefits and disadvantages but more importantly, if I can bend the question a little, as someone who has grown up buying records, I love the way that records are packaged. I love the artwork when it's done right and I love reading the credits. All that now seems to be sadly not as important. It's pretty uninspiring looking at a load of burnt cds. The good thing about downloads is the convenience. It's great that you can think of a record, and then within a moment be able to listen to it, but I'm very attached to the way records can be presented. I'm not somebody who spends half their life copying music from other people, I like to explore and find things for myself and I love record shops. Some DJ’s can spend too much time "keeping up with the joneses" music-wise, but ultimately I would rather find my own path and dig a bit deeper. Craig Richards recently said he had a romantic attachment towards vinyl and I feel the same.

    Desyn Masiello recently told us in an interview, and I quote; "It's actually pretty hard for a DJ to get a girl". Can you put any light to this shocking claim and put up and coming DJs' minds to rest with some success stories?

    Well maybe what Desyn means is that it's pretty hard to get a girl that's ready to be a girlfriend to somebody that's away for 3 or 4 days a week. Let's face it, it must be very difficult knowing that you're other half is in nightclubs and sometimes at parties every weekend. My girlfriend is really cool with it, and likewise I'm happy if she's out and I want to stay in but it's not a lifestyle for everyone.

    There are a few DJs who stay on after their gigs to network and party with the local promoters, whilst others fly in play their gig and then shoot back to their hotel. Both can put in equally flawless DJ’ing performances, but do you think there is a responsibility from the DJ to go beyond just the performance and interact with the locals after the gig?

    I think the responsibility is for the DJ to give the gig their all. If the moment is right and you hang out then that's cool, but it's not always appropriate and I don't think that it's rude if you don't hang out. I certainly don't think it's a responsibility. I don't expect my plumber to hang out after he's sorted out the bathroom. Having said that, I'm quite inquisitive so more often than not I do because I like to know more about the people that have made the effort to book me. I have found myself in some quite abstract situations where my inquisitiveness has got the better of me, so these days I pick and choose more carefully. Sometimes you are just tired which is no way to be when you're around new people.

    And finally, if you weren't in this wonderful industry, what is it you would be doing on this earth?

    Design, I studied it at art school but the lure of nightclubs ensured I didn't pass the last course... music got the better of me then as it does now every day!

    Author: robbie y.

    Published: Tuesday, November 15, 2005.


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    Re: Entrevista a Paul Woolford

    algun traductor ??

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    Re: Entrevista a Paul Woolford

    si man alguien lo puede traducir 0 english jajaa

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    Re: Entrevista a Paul Woolford

    Bueno... lo traduzco yo, seguramente no sea una traducción perfecta pero espero que sirva.

    Traduzco la primera parte... después a la noche sigo

    Paul Woolford es definitivamente un artista del que puedes esperar muchas cosas. Sus producciones de altísima calidad bajo los apodos de Hip Therapist, Wooly y Bobby Peru en particular no han sido menos que brillantes, y del mismo modo, su trabajo detrás de las bandejas es igualmente impresionante. Tanto que, en la temporada de Ibiza que acaba de pasar vimos a Paul residente de uno de los clubs mas respetados del mundo, Space Ibiza. Es un signo seguro de que este joven ha estado haciendo algo muy bien, así que pensamos en preguntarle algunas cosas para destapar su receta al éxito.

    No hay duda que tu popularidad está en ascenso. ¿Hay algún punto en el tiempo o algo en particular que veas como el momento crucial en tu siempre creciente status?

    Bueno, hubo un momento el año pasado en el que tomé la acción y decidí que no tenía el suficiente control sobre mi carrera. Atravesé una serie de hechos que pueden ser atribuidos a una combinación de una mala gerencia y en yo no ser lo suficientemente asertivo para tratar con ello. Tuve algunos momentos de claridad y decidí ponerme en el asiento del conductor, lo que en parte exigía armar el equipo adecuado alrededor mío para hacerse cargo de los problemas que aparecen en la vía de ser creativo. Mi cambio de actitud fue el catalizador de la mayoría de cosas que pasaron desde entonces.

    Eres considerado tanto un DJ como un productor. ¿Qué tan dificil es para vos balancear ambas artes y estas considerando favorecer a una u otra en el cercano o lejano futuro?

    El tiempo es el factor que es difícil pues gastarlo viajando todas las semanas te deja sin mucho. Mi "approach" se basa en si estoy inspirado 100%, así no me molesto con el estudio por ninguna otra razón pero se puede volver realmente problemático si sólo tenés 3 días antes de tener que viajar de nuevo y estás metido en algo. Ocasionalmente tomo una breve pausa del estudio y paso algunas semanas enfocado sólamente en DJing pero encuentro que me pongo irritable si no creo por mucho tiempo. Ahora mismo no tengo planes de favorecer una. Nunca fuí alguien que acepte todo lo que le ofrecen de todos modos, así que que el tiempo sea un factor sólo me ayuda a tomar las decisiones correctas, y esto se aplica más con los remixes. Se ha vuelto obvio que aceptar y que no.

    ¿Cómo fue la experiencia de ser residente en Space en Ibiza y como surgió eso?

    Ha sido excelente, muy satisfactoria y muy recompensable mentalmente. También fue muy interesante y me ha endurecido un poco. Vino por pasar un gig en la terraza de Space por los últimos 3 años como parte de Back to Basics que mi residencia en UK. El último año el horario de mi set fue cambiado de 5pm a 8pm-10pm porque Lottie había perdido su vuelo, y yo tenía la música correcta y el momento era correcto para mí para ir a por ello. Funcionó y ese, combinado con mi cambio de actitud fue el momento en el que me probé a mí mismo. Se lo sugerí a Darren Hughes medio en chiste, y a el le gustó y dijo en el momento que era posible, y luego lo discutimos en detalle por unos meses lo que fue tan emocionante como torturante pues obviamente no le podía contar nada a nadie hasta que el trato estuviese hecho.

    Fuiste el residente junto a Nic Fanciulli. ¿Qué piensas de Nic como DJ?

    Nic es un DJ excepcional a quien respeto mucho. Nuestros acercamientos son muy distintos pero muy seguido pasamos la misma música así que cuando lo escucho pasar música es interesante ver una diferente idea con esos temas que ambos pasamos, y con esos que yo no pasaría. Tengo una confianza 100% en lo que él hace.

    Ibiza está lleno de cuerpo fantásticos durante el verano. ¿Vas al gym para mantenerte en forma y manterte en balance con el modo de vida del DJ? Aparte del impresionante físico de Morales, ¿quién es el mayor adicto al gym del circuito de DJs?

    Me uní a un gym pero lo único que exploré por ahora es la piscina y el sauna... ¡quizás es tiempo de que vaya a los otros lugares! Y con respecto a quien es el mayor adicto, no tengo idea...

    Recientemente vimos a Kate Moss en problemas debido a una mala cobertura de la prensa. Con la cobertura de la prensa sobre la música dance tan fuerte como nunca, ¿están los DJs teniendo que ser mas cuidadosos sobre sus costumbres en las fiestas?

    Pienso que dificilmente sería tapa de diario si algún medio expusiese que los DJs se drogan. Hay mucha hipocresía en eso. No fue una novedad que Kate Moss hacía lo que hacía, y creo que muchas de las empresas que la contratan lo hacen sabiendo su reputación. La industria de la música esta llena de historias y tiene una cultura que celebra los excesos pero al final del día son todas taradeces si la música no está a la altura. Eso es lo más importante.

    ¿Qué nos puedes decir de las producciones que se vienen?

    Acabo de terminar unos remixes de un nuevo track de Underworld llamado "JAL To Tokyo". He estado enfocado en eso, y puse mas tiempo en eso que en cualquier otro proyecto. Estará disponible como download primero en Japón sólamente en iTunes allí, y luego en el Download Shop de Underworld, www.underwordlive.com . Habrá también ediciones en vinilo en algún momento. También otro remix, Vicarious Bliss "Theme" para el sello Skint que fue inicialmente un desafio pero también muy gratificante.

    He estado constanstemente trabajando en otro album para 2020 Vision bajo el nombre Bobby Peru que ha tenido un progreso lento pero mejor así, y además he estado experimentando con material bastante abstracto bajo el nombre Erotic Discourse. Esto lo hemos filtrado a un pequeño número de tiendas de discos para aumentar la reacción y ha sido abrumador. Hay algunas cosas más en las que trabajé recientemente pero estoy en el proceso de resolver donde van en el esquema de cosas a hacer.
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