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    Arrebaaa Entrevista a Hernán en Resident Advisor

    Les dejo el link a esta entrevista que subieron hoy, Hernán habla de todo un poco: de los viajes, de como las nuevas tecnologías cambian el "DJing", de que va a trabajar en una nueva compilación pero va a ser algo distinto a las anteriores, de los tracks en los que está trabajando (con John Tonks en un single y dos remixes, y con MG en un remix) y de la temporada en Ibiza.

    Hago este resumen para que los que no entienden inglés tengan una idea de lo que trata la entrevista :P

    Les dejo el link y la entrevista también, saludos.

    Link: http://www.residentadvisor.net/feature_view.asp?ID=655

    Hernan Cattaneo on Digital, Defmix and DJing

    Unlike many who claim to be on the international DJ circuit, Hernan Cattaneo is one DJ who lives, eats, sleeps and breathes it. His progression from South American newcomer to becoming one of the world's leading DJs is a classic example. From his well documented residency at Pacha in his home town of Buenos Aires to his tour of the US with Oakenfold, Hernan has won countless awards and bookings. By breaking the top 10 of DJ Mag's over-hyped but industry reliant 2004 poll Hernan has proven himself to be one of the best.

    Hernan has not only been touring, but relentlessly traveling the globe, hitting club after club in countless cities, sometimes spending more time on the plane than the cities themselves. Whether it is Bahrain, Belfast or Berlin you can bank on the fact that Hernan has been there, more often than not on a multiple number of occasions.

    Things have obviously changed significantly for him since the early days – the past few years comprising continual touring of the globe at a rate that would be considered barely humanly possible by most. His upcoming gigs in October alone see him in China, Japan, Russia and various parts of Europe including the UK, Germany and Spain. This string of bookings may seem like a dream for many bedroom DJs out there, but the question had to be asked, does the man not need SLEEP?

    "That [traveling] is the work really... I love what I do now in the same way as when I started. And of course sometimes flying in and out every day gets a little bit too much but I would never complain about this.

    "Through my career as a DJ I've had the chance to get to know almost every country in the world, meet the people, be part of their culture... and that is an extremely lucky situation that very few people can experience. So yes, it gets tiring sometimes, but there must be a downside to everything right?"

    And what does he do with the little time not spent in front of the turntables? "When I have free time (which is not very often) I spend much of it with my girlfriend. We watch loads of DVDs, go to restaurants, dinner with friends and listen to down-tempo stuff. I also like to swim and cook but to be honest I haven't had much spare time for those lately!" His Powerbook's DVD player has seen considerable play of 24 and Six Feet Under while en route.

    Movies, restaurants, swimming, hmmm… is the man the most squeaky clean DJ alive? As it turns out he does have some nasty habits. Or rather, did have. Smoking has always been Hernan's primary vice. I recently discovered he kicked the habit and was curious to find out what helped him... which he puts rather simply "My will and my girlfriend."

    "I've always wanted to quit but never had as strong a will as I had 8 months ago when I thought 'ok, now is the time'." He continues with some words of advice to others looking to quit - "You know yourself and you should know when you are REALLY ready for such a challenge.

    "It's the hardest thing I've ever done but one of which I'm most proud. You do not realise how big the step is until you do it. The first month was very difficult, then it got easier every day."

    So back to his DJing over the past year. On speaking about his touring since the start of 2005 Hernan said: "It's been another fantastic year for me, starting with the new Renaissance CD and the extensive tour for the release around Asia, Australia, America and Europe. Then it was back to South America, which was better than ever.

    "Around June I started the European summer season and have had a great time at clubs and festivals. I was also back at home last week to play for 9000 people in Buenos Aires at Moonpark with my friend Martin Garcia."

    The Digital Revolution

    "The Digital era has changed everything."

    Technology has changed a lot in recent years. The days where Technics' infamous 1200's and a decent mixer were all a club needed to keep the DJs mixing smoothly are long gone. Like many other DJs, Hernan is required to keep on top of technology, and has adopted the CDJ's with open arms.

    "You can literally put your hands into the music you play. I re-edit 70% of the tracks I play. There are so many new directions and things to do I think there is way more input from the DJ in a set today that 5 years ago.

    "Then there is the computer-DJing like Sasha and others are doing and which is, again, another big step towards doing a more personal set. Now it is not only the records you choose and the way you play them but also what you can actually do to those records."

    So does Hernan still spin the 12" black vinyl?
    "No. I still have loads of records from the labels and shops but I either burn them onto CD or ask for a digital copy."

    A DJ without vinyl is like a Doctor without their stethoscope. Technics 1200's are an integral part of this DJing image. Will Technics turntables last as an iconic DJ instrument or will retro 'vinyl sets' be the next cool thing?

    "Not soon but eventually. Loads of great old-school DJs still play 100% vinyl and it works for them so why the rush?

    "I think any DJ older than 25 is attached to the 1200's and vinyl. But things move forward and you must cope with that. Also, since the digital era, DJing is more creative in many ways. So I would never think of it as a bad thing ...any progress would bring new things for the future but some will be left behind."

    Still a Renaissance Master?

    "Of course I'll work on a new compilation but it will be a different thing."

    Early 2005 saw the release of Hernan's second Renaissance Masters Series compilation. I asked Hernan his thoughts on the album, with the benefit of hindsight. "I am really happy with the series. Both volume 1 and 2 have done really well and the feedback and sales were excellent."

    However, there is a down side. "As soon as you finish you get sent a new track you wish you could have included! But overall I'm very pleased with the CDs and of course with the results. Although you can never be 100% happy with compilations."

    After producing two Masters CDs in two consecutive years, will we be seeing a Volume 3 early next year? "No. I've done two master series and that is something that was never done before. Of course I'll work on a new compilation but it will be a different thing."

    Hernan has been recently working with his good friend, talented producer John Tonks, and they have recently released their latest single. "The new single [Warsaw] just came out on Bedrock and it sold out at djdownloads.com - so things can't get better really."

    And that's not all in the production pipeline. As Hernan continues "at the moment I'm working with John Tonks on a single, and two remixes, and also with Martin Garcia remixing a new bedrock single."


    "...as far as I've seen and heard, this year has been better than 2004."

    Ibiza coverage has been varied this season. On the one hand you have the recent scandals with Sasha, useless "dance is dead" coverage from The Guardian, reports of empty dance floors and claims of average music. On the other hand are contrasting reports of amazing music, incredible packed parties, rare and unique sets, and most importantly the all important Ibiza vibe returning to its full and unbeatable force.

    Hernan has played in Ibiza a couple of times in the 2005 summer, so I was keen to hear his own impression of the atmosphere, in comparison to previous years. "Well, I have had a very good time this year. So far I've played 4 nights - Renaissance, Everybody, Pure @ Pacha and We love... @ Space - and enjoyed them a lot.

    "All of them were busy and fun, but obviously, these are some of THE nights in Ibiza. Maybe some smaller ones haven't done that well but as far as I've seen and heard, this year has been better than 2004."

    On his upcoming gig at Pacha with Satoshi Tomiie and the Def Mix crew Hernan continues "Well, Pacha in Ibiza is one of the best clubs in the world and Saturdays with SAW/Def Mix are an institution on the island.

    "Satoshi and Hector [Romero] have been doing this for years and they are really consistent on delivering a great night.

    "Last year I played with them and had an amazing time and apart from being excellent DJs they are really good friends of mine. I've been into the SAW sound since the 1st single in 2001 so it's great to go back and share their successful night."

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    Re: Entrevista a Hernán en Resident Advisor

    Still a Renaissance Master?

    "Of course I'll work on a new compilation but it will be a different thing."


    interesante entrevista che !
    "The opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of my employer, not necessarily mine, and probably not necessary."

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    Re: Entrevista a Hernán en Resident Advisor

    Muy buena, de las mejores q lei a el.
    If it’s true that our species is alone in the universe, then I’d have to say that the universe aimed rather low and settled for very little.

    -George Carlin-

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    Re: Entrevista a Hernán en Resident Advisor

    muy muy muy buena entrevista!
    esta me gusto mucho, muy linda informacion - alguien sabe el remix que esta haciendo con martín?, de que tema es pregunto
    "the mysterious process during which what is at first difficult becomes progressively easier and more pleasurable through practice"

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