Entrevista a Paul van Dyk 08-03-06

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    Entrevista a Paul van Dyk 08-03-06

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    Do you like doing interviews?

    Yeah generally, I think to some extent it comes with what I do you know

    Your whirlwind Australian tour sees you only in the country for five days, would you prefer to spend more time here or have toured so much now that it's second nature, more like a business trip than a holiday of sorts?

    Well the thing is I would love to but I have alot of other things to do aswell, I'm in the studio these days working my new artist album so I'm on a little bit of a tight schedule
    It is a professional thing, but it's not like a business trip sort of thing, obviously I really enjoy what I do, so I'm very sort of disciplined in what I do, but at the same time it is fun, it is exciting but it's not a holiday

    It's been a few years now since your last visit, can fans expect a new twist on the PVD sound?

    I'm sure that things have progressed, that's what electronic music does, so my sound will move further on...but since i actually make my music myself, i'm not in the studio with an engineer or producer telling them 'go this way, go that way', I have a very personal and direct approach to my music so that mean that's always the paul van dyk element in it

    Speaking of changes, you've now incorporated a laptop into your DJ sets, to what extent are you actually using it?

    It's completely computer driven. Electronic music was always about breaking the boundaries, as much on the creative side as on the technology side, I'm actually playing with two computers, one is driven by DJ software and another is taking input from time coded CD's and I have a device in the middle which enables me to be absolutely creative. It's not about playing the right track at the right time anymore, it's about the right element from the right track at the right time!
    It's not DJing in the old sense, it's much more like a live ranging, live producing, creating elements in the venue while I'm inspired by the people in front of me!

    This tour sees your first ever appearance in Canberra, have you heard anything about our city from fellow DJ's about what to expect at all?

    Well I know it's the capital, that's already something *laughs* I know that everywhere in Australia has a vibrant and interesting scene and this is what's exciting. Even though I've never been there I know I'll have a crowd in front of me that's open minded and will enjoy sounds they haven't heard before, I expect it to be very positive

    How is the new album coming along? When is it looking to be released?

    Well we're going for a release date in spring 2007 so there's still alot of time, but in order to release an album then i have to be finished in the summer. There's still alot of work to do so yeah, I'm pretty busy with that *laughs*

    Can we expect to hear some tracks from the new album on your Australian Tour, such as Stormy Skies?

    Wow! How did you know? *laughs* How did you find this? (I chuckle and tell him I have my sources - the internet hehe) Well it's something I play from time to time, but then again whenever i play it it's different, because I cut down the elements.

    Are there any plans to do a full release of Love Simulator by SecondSun and Marc van Linden's mix of For An Angel, on Vandit?

    I'm not sure what we're going to do with Love Simulator, it's not a finished production by Second Sun or by me, so it just kind of sits there, maybe we'll go back to it at one point. The For An Angel remix, maybe...at one point it will be part of some sort of release, but that's further down the road.

    In polls such as the DJ Mag top 100, do you think production reputation holds as much weight as DJing popularity?

    No. Looking back to some of the previous inhabitants of the no1 spot, I don't think so.

    Has being voted number 1 is the DJ Mag Top 100 changed you in any way? Do you feel motivated to improve yourself in any particular ways to maintain that position?

    Neither way, first of all I'm very passionate about what I do and I always feel I have to give 100%. It doesn't matter what position I'm holding in some popularity list. I don't see it as confirmation as I'm on the right track or whatever, It's not what it is to me, at least. Obviously I'm very happy about it, it's a great thing but first of all I'm really thankful! That was the first thing that came into my mind when I found out, I wanted to hug every single person that comes out to see me play! Otherwise it's not changing anything, electronic music is my favourite music and I do everything to present the music as well as I can and make it as well as I can, and to be voted on top of that list makes me proud. But I would do everything exactly the same if I was no100. Or 1000, or whatever, it's just as important to the scene as the no1, it's about that music for me. It's not about my individual thing or whatever you want to call it. I see that list differently to some of my colleagues.

    In comparison to other high profile trance DJs, you don't release many compilations such as TPOD, or DVDs. Do you think this makes it more difficult for you to maintain your profile in countries in which you don't often tour, such as Australia?

    Many of the DVD's that come out now are boring, just someone DJ'ing for 4 hours, I don't want to see that...you've seen everything after 15minutes you know. We tried to do something different with Global and we've been in talks with a very good, very well known director in order to release something in connection with the next album. We want to do something like this properly. In terms of mix compilations, I'm not a big fan of mix cd's because it's impossible to capture the energy and feeling of a DJ set you get in a club on a cd.

    You'd rather release something that means something than just cash in on popularity

    Yeah exactly, I mean the best thing from a marketing view right now would be to release 10 mix cd's *laughs* and a best of album, but we don't plan our marketing towards things like the top100 poll.

    Una de las preguntas que le hace el periodista dice que si se siente "diferente" o mas "entusiamado" por ser el numero 1 en la famosa encuesta de DJ Mag Top 100...a lo que responde en pocas palabras que gracias a todos los que lo votaron pero el no deja de ser el mismo..y tampoco va a edjar de hacer lo mismo por mas de que estubiese en el puesto 100 o en el 1000...

    pero termina con un liindo palito a Tiesto que dice como que no se siente el N°1 por estar primero en DJ Mag Top 100......veo que esa lista "afecto" de modo diferente a algunos colegas...
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    Re: Entrevista a Paul van Dyk 08-03-06

    =O mira vos... lei lo ultimo nomas , na me da para traducir todo xD !

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    Re: Entrevista a Paul van Dyk 08-03-06

    MUY buena
    me gusto mucho
    gracias jamirobruno

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    Re: Entrevista a Paul van Dyk 08-03-06

    si alguien la podria traducir se lo agradeceria mucho :d

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    Re: Entrevista a Paul van Dyk 08-03-06

    no entiendo un joraka ! lo voy a traducir! ahora!

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    Re: Entrevista a Paul van Dyk 08-03-06

    es muuy buena , estoy ancioso por el nuevo artist album ^^ y ... en unas cuantas partes le da con un a año al ex Nº1

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