Adam Freeland salva su alma :D

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    01 noviembre 2004
    La Plata

    Arrebaaa Adam Freeland salva su alma :D

    Está en inglés, espero q no tengan problemas con el idioma (ah, y tiene varios meses la noticia):

    Adam Freeland Saves His Soul

    Jonty Skrufff Date Added: 24.5.2004

    Marine Parade breaks pioneer Adam Freeland chatted to Skrufff this week and revealed that he's recently turned down a big money advertising campaign for US retail chain Target.

    The politically conscious Brit said the US corporation have been phoning him to use his recent single We Want Your Soul for an upcoming TV advertising campaign, despite the track's fiercely anti-consumerist lyrics.

    "They keep calling back confused, asking "are you sure you don't want to, every band in America wants to be on a Target ad; the last was Justin Timberlake; the other Christina (Aguilera), and both tracks were big hits; what is it with you English guys, are you being sarcastic?'," Adam laughed.

    "They can't understand why I didn't want it on there."

    "I was tempted to agree to the ad for irony's sake, not to mention the huge amount of cash combined with the fact that it would probably help me sell me huge amounts of records in America, or to do it and give the cash to a corporate ethics watchdog," said Adam.

    "But at the end of the day, millions would then associate my tune with a big budget sell- anything corporate monster and I had to ask myself "What would Bill (Hicks) do?' I'm pretty sure he'd rather suck Satan's giant scaley pecker." (dick- Slang Ed).


    ¡Un ejemplo la verdad!

    PD: Por cierto miren el link de las hijas de Bush.. jaja

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    06 agosto 2004

    Re: Adam Freeland salva su alma :D

    mas alla de si a alguien le guste o no la letra muy destacable...

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