M_nus @ news april 2006
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    18 abril 2005
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    M_nus @ news april 2006

    MINUS @ TDK Time Warp - Colours of Rhythm

    Floor 2 Sunday 6:30-13:00 a.m.

    Floor 4 Sunday 10:00-12:00 a.m.

    Date: 08.04.06
    Venue: Maimarkthalle, Mannheim - Germany


    please visit our booth in the main hall
    stop by and see our new goodies!

    ************************************************** **************

    MINUS presents min2MAX world tour

    In support of the new Minus compilation release 'min2MAX', the 'min2MAX'
    TOUR will travel through thirteen countries and over thirty tour dates
    between April and May 2006. Performances will feature impromptu
    collaborations and surprises by the artists, creating an unforgettable
    sonic experience. Special limited edition tour merchandise and the min2MAX
    releases will be available at all tour dates. See m-nus.com/calendar for

    european tour

    The tour starts with April's min2MAX European Tour, with a network of
    mini-tours featuring a variety of Minus artists playing at twenty five
    different dates, some on the same night in different cities. On the road
    will be Richie Hawtin, Magda, Heartthrob- live, Troy Pierce, Marc Houle- live,
    Gaiser- live and other special guests at certain dates.
    *The European Tour closes in Berlin on April 30 with a special event
    (details to be announced, check www.m-nus.com/calendar).

    06.04. Electriccity - Dublin, Ireland / Troy Pierce
    07.04. Safahi Lounge - Mainz, Germany / Troy Pierce, Marc Houle live
    07.04. Robert Johnson - Offenbach, Germany / Richie Hawtin & Ricardo
    07.04. Zukunft - Zurich, Switzerland / Magda
    08.04. Soap Club - Hannover, Germany / Troy Pierce, Marc Houle live
    08.04. Time Warp - Mannheim, Germany / Richie Hawtin, Magda
    13.04. Kindergarten @ Club V - Manchester, United Kingdom / Magda
    14.04. Late Night Sessions @ The Magnet - Liverpool, United Kingdom /
    14.04. Theatre Principal - Barcelona, Spain / Richie Hawtin, Gaiser live, Troy
    15.04. Macumba - Madrid, Spain / Richie Hawtin, Gaiser live, Troy Pierce,
    16.04. LostMinus at The Bridge - London, United Kingdom / Richie Hawtin,
    Magda, Troy Pierce, Heartthrob live
    20.04. Café Opera - Stockholm, Sweden / Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer
    21.04. Weetamix - Geneva, Switzerland / Richie Hawtin, Gaiser live
    21.04. Douala - Ravensburg, Germany / Marc Houle live, Troy Pierce
    21.04. Robert Johnson - Offenbach, Germany / Magda
    22.04. Club Indigo - Istanbul, Turkey / Richie Hawtin, Gaiser live
    22.04. Harry Klein Club - Munich, Germany / Troy Pierce, Heartthrob live
    22.04. Bleep at Plastik - Belgrade, Serbia / Marc Houle live
    27.04. Goa - Rome, Italy / Richie Hawtin, Troy Pierce
    28.04. Klub K 4 - Ljubljana, Slovenia / Magda, Heatthrob live
    28.04. Circle Culture Exhibition of Matthew Hawtin (art opening) - Berlin,
    Germany / Matthew Hawtin
    29.04. Fonica - Mallorca, Spain / Troy Pierce, Marc Houle live
    29.04. Fuse Club - Brussels, Belgium / Richie Hawtin, Magda, Heatthrob live
    30.04. Minus Party - Berlin, Germany / Richie Hawtin, Magda, Troy Pierce,
    Marc Houle live, Heartthrob live
    (Check www.m-nus.com for further information)

    minimize north american bus tour
    For the min2MAX 'Minimize' North American Bus Tour, we're dropping into
    twelve special cities for twelve special shows. Between the US and Canada,
    Richie Hawtin, Magda, Troy Pierce, Marc Houle and other special guests will
    be on tour along with new merchandise at each stop.

    23.05. Inferno - Madison, USA
    24.05. Mantra - Milwaukee, USA
    25.05. Crobar - Chicago, USA
    26.05. This Is London - Toronto, CAD
    27.05. Detroit, USA
    30.05. Club 5 - Washington, USA
    31.05. Womb - Philadelphia, USA
    01.06. Axis - Boston, USA
    02.06. Spirit - New York, USA
    03.06.Surface - Ottawa, CAD
    04.06. Helsinki - Montreal, CAD

    ************************************************** **************

    minus new releases:

    available now:
    Alex Under | Collage
    PLUS8088 12"
    12" debut on Plus 8 from Madrid's Alex Under (CMYK Musik) featuring 'El
    and 'Fortuito'

    coming up in April...
    Troy Pierce | 25 Bitches Vol. I
    MINUS38 12"
    featuring the storming original with remixes by Berg Nixon and Matt John, out
    mid-April on Minus 12" vinyl and digitally on Beatport.com

    coming up in May...
    Troy Pierce | 25 Bitches Vol. II
    MINUS39 12"
    part two EP with additional remixes by Gaiser, Heartthrob and Marc Houle!

    Baby Ford & Eon / Link | Dead Eye / Amenity
    PLUS8086 12"
    two classic techno masterpieces collected and remastered on one 12" single

    min2MAX compilation (MINUS40LP/CD)
    CD, 3x12"+bonus print by Matthew Hawtin and also Extension 12" single
    (MINUS40X). Featuring new and exclusive tracks from Heartthrob, Gaiser,
    WiNK, Loco Dice, False, Niederflur, Berg Nixon, Troy Pierce, Magda, Marc
    Houle, JPLS, Tractile, Barem and Konrad Black

    coming up in June...
    Loco Dice | Seeing Through Shadows
    Lemon8 | Model8 (reissue on Plus 8)

    *new releases and back catalog available for digital download at Beatport.com

    asi saben por donde van a andar los artistas de M_nus y las nuevas producciones y shows y agregados...
    todo sirve

    Richie Hawtin


    4 1, 2006 .

    The Cave Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic

    el 1 de mayo richie va a estar en republica dominicana si no em equivoco la ultima ves q vino la gira por sudamenrica arranco en republica dominicana...ojala se repita y a lo grande
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    schloss duino

    Re: M_nus @ news april 2006

    mil gracias por la info, excelente aporte!
    nous sommes encore au matin; le soleil a parcouru à peine la moitié de sa carrière, et les parfums de mon coeur sont si énergiques qu’ils me montent à la tête en vapeurs enivrantes, et je ne sais où cesse l’ironie et où le ciel commence

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