Synin - Love Today

Synin been creating music since 2011, she is a young talented producer, who don't stay in one style, all depends of her mood! Love Today shards of wintry sun shine across its surface a distorted, vibrato organ motif but it's otherwise beautifully bleak, with a percussive Doppler effect running up its spine, a hint of acid squiggle, and hi-hats and snares not arriving until late in the day.

John D's mix doesn't play with the tempo, and leaves in the organ but, ever idiosyncratically, the Kaiser Gayser vision adds a winding funk bass, arpeggiated keys, 2-step mutations and sub-bass drone. Very interesting and intriguing package.

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01.Love Today (Original Mix)
02.Love Today (John D Remix)
03.Love Today (Kaiser Gayser's Enter Rio Mix)

Label: Insomniafm Abstracts
Cat: IFMA022
Released: February 11th, 2013
Style: House, Deep House