Dodger. Gemini. Scalar. Tick Tock. The chart topping singles are numerous and 2013 will become even more exciting - Tempo Giusto is releasing his 2nd album 'From The Core'. Featuring a horde of fresh unheard works and collaborations with some of today's coolest producers, From The Core is bound to turn heads all around the world on radios and dance floors.

"Ultraist / Cabo Rico" is the third out of four album singles, only this time as a 2-side EP. It represents some of the finest and most interesting aspects in Tempo Giusto's music. "Ultraist", as the name might suggest, is an ultra-modern trance composition, a fusion track with a high energy tech drive and a wide space melodic sound of a classic trance anthem. It begins with a smashing intro part and maintains a hard drive while the impressive main theme unravels. The track intensifies all the way up to the outro, leaving the hollow stabs echoing in noise.

As a contrast, "Cabo Rico" has a light and bright summer sound, with pearly melodics lingering on a pulsating bass pump. The track is rich in themes and harmonic development and the first part serves as one big introduction for the end's melodic rush.


1. Ultraist (Original Mix)
2. Cabo Rico (Original Mix)