Dreamy is back! After his fist pumping releases on Diverted and other sterling trance labels around the world, the Danish wonderkid delivers yet another pieces of fine art in the form of Tyr.

From the off, Dreamy's Emotional mix hits the energy levels with some slamming vocal snippets, and a deep and dark bass, filtered underneath piano stabs and a banging breakdown!

On remix duty, Diverted Music's very own A&R maestro TrancEye makes his eagerly awaited return to slam out a pumping and thoroughly energetic remix of Dreamy's original uplifter! And as you can imagine, it's a serious piece of weaponry! Already showcased on TrancEye's Pure Energy Sessions, this remix had a lot of people asking us for the release to be ASAP! You'll get your wish soon! It's coming!

A debut from yet another unearthed gem, Mosahar, who add's a slightly tougher injection to the original melody and finally Reiklavik, returning to add to his CV of quality remixes on the label, and you have a pretty funky package of uplifting trance at its best!

Check it!