Black Hole 502-0
Trance EP 002
1. Oen Bearen - Ictus
2. Bruce Cullen - 1492
3. Urry Fefelove & Abramasi - Levitation
4. August Vila - Visions

In November 2012, Black Hole started the release of a unique set of EPs that will appear on a bimonthly basis. Trance EP 002 now is the second release in the series.

Every two months, Black Hole will release a brand new EP under the moniker of the Trance EP Series. Without exception we will feature only the best trance singles from our vaults, from both established and upcoming artists that have a bright and promising future in EDM ahead of them. All EPs represent the high quality standard that you can expect from Black Hole and every four track package will contain full length original versions only -no remixes.

This second release features four outstanding gems by Oen Baeren, Bruce Cullen, Urry Fefelove & Abramasi and August Vila; all names that have proven their skills in the past and recent times, so get ready and check out this superb second instalment, "Trance EP 002". Don't miss them!