Last Saturday we witnessed the ‘Providence’ tour of Nathan Fake as it left its mark on the confines of Razzmatazz 2. Being his first album in 5 years, and the first one outside Border Community, the label that hosted Nathan’s beginnings (remember Outhouse?), Providence feels like a high mark on his career. Somehow it always felt that Fake would end up releasing on either Ninja Tune or Warp, both labels that had remixes by him some years ago.

Either way, it wasn’t a complete hiatus throughout these 5 years since the Steam Days album on Border Community in 2012. Besides touring and the occasional remix, he joined his mate Wesley Matsell to found Cambria Instruments, a label that would hold their productions, and that’s how he released the Glaive EP, a key piece in his career and a place where to look back if you’re trying to gather clues on the path that he made up until Providence. It was more dancefloor-like, the result of improvising live and constantly touring. A glaive (for anyone who doesn’t know) is a weapon, or a broad sword to be more accurate, and the Glaive EP actually felt like that; strong and precise yet emotional… don’t forget it’s Nathan Fake we’re talking about here.

We arrived at Razzmatazz to catch the second half of the warm up act from Andrés Satué (better known as Huma) who created the perfect droning and noise atmosphere to start warming the audience. He left the stage with the right temperature so Fake could start boiling everything, which he did.

Throughout the first half of the 1 hour performance from the Norfolk wizard who proudly donned a Norfolk tee shirt for the occasion, we discovered Providence in its full mode. His new album on Ninja Tune is colorful, complex, frenetic and intense. With some tracks apparently made to dig on the deepest basements and some other apparently to fly high and try to reach what the name of the album evokes. He also performed his collabs, Degreelessness (first single of the album, released last year), which featured Prurient, and RVK, which holds the vocals of Raphaelle Standell-Preston (Braids and Blue-Hawaii member). But it was actually way before that the audience started clapping and really digging the new sound spectrum on Providence. We felt that it first happened after the second song, our favourite from the album, HoursDaysMonthsSeasons, which came out slightly different than in the album version.

The second half of the mix went backwards on his discography, starting with Nuuk, one of his Glaive weapons that we already talked about which he really knew how to move and add effects to, to make everyone trip out. The last 30 minutes were a rush of constantly morphing BPM’s and a very deep feeling, he left everyone yearning for more after such a loaded set at such an early time (he performed at 22). And yes, he also played The Sky Was Pink, and yes, he still keeps working on it to play it live and catch everyone by surprise when it arises. And no, it wasn’t his last track on the show, he actually came back to a Providence song to close the circle.

If you get a chance to catch him throughout this tour that still has 2 more months to go, do it.

Here are his next shows:

Mar 23 Genova @ Teatro Della Tosse
Mar 24 Milan @ Circolo Magnolia
Mar 25 Bologna @ Locomotiv Club
Mar 29 Liverpool @ 24 Kitchen Street
Mar 30 Leeds @ Headrow House
Mar 31 Glasgow @ Stereo
Apr 01 Manchester @ Soup Kitchen
Apr 05 Bristol @ The Lantern
Apr 06 Ramsgate @ Music Hall
Apr 07 London @ ICA
Apr 08 Brighton @ Patterns
Apr 12 Nottingham @ Contemporary Art Gallery
Apr 13 Newcastle @ Cluny
Apr 28 Paris @ Café de la Danse
Apr 29 Geneva @ La Gravière
May 30 Brussels @ Bozar Night
May 17 Shanghai @ Dada
May 18 Beijing @ Dada
May 19 Tokyo @ Circus
May 20 Kyoto @ Star Festival
May 26 Rome @ Spring Attitude Festival
May 27 Lyon @ Nuits Sonores
Aug 03 Amsterdam @ Dekmantel