Madoka - friskyRadio Artist of the Week (13.12.2005)


Cliff Martinez "Helicopter" (TVT Soundtrax)
John Dahlback "Play" (Little Angel)
Frank Roger "Dub Life" [The Earthumental Project Part 3] (Real Tone)
Coldfish "Loops, Lights and Dimensions" (FeralCode)
Morgan Page "Outside The City" [Morgan's Dub] (Sugarcane)
Gadgets "Go There" [On The Floor Mix] (ELP)
Deep House Soldiers "Changing Directions" (Coastline)
Mastiksoul "Marshal Law" (Kitsam)
Da Funk "Heat" (Acryl)
Rob Rolefes "Bellydance Superstar" (F.B.I.)
John Dahlback "Nothing Is Real" [Madoka's Askesian Society Edit] (Toolroom)
Michel De Hey "36 To Go" [Madoka's Aerosplice Build-up] (Hey! Records)
Peace Division "Bounce To This" (NRK)
Perc "Splashy" [Madoka's Rise To The Occasion Edit] (Perc Trax)
Innercourse Nynex & Trent Cantrelle "Human" (SR2 Music)
Miika Kuisma "Life" (Subtraxx)
Madoka "Game Over" [Madoka's Kanzyani Drumcycle Prophecy] (N/A)
Kage Adam Jay "Estrella De La Plata" [Adam Jay Mix] (Azure)
Phantom Power "Jesus Juice" [Madoka's Allow The Rhythm Build-up] (ClickTracks)
DJ Meri "Not A Dream" (Big Love)
Satoshi Fumi "Tomrize" (N/A)
303F Hans Wolters "Rising" (303F)
Madoka "Gloria" [Madoka's Norfair Edit] (N/A)
Funkagenda "Square Funkin" (Pop Pop)
Nick & Danny Chatelain "Is Killing Me" (Ovum)
Spirit Chaser "Ride" [Re-Intro EP] (Guess)
DJ Fluid "Loud N' Clear" [Alland Byallos 4i Bump Mix] (Utensil)
Joey Negro "Shimmering Stars" (Z Records)
Pasta Boys "Flashflood" (Mano Calda)
Cpen "Mind Control" [Mind Control EP] (Seasons)