Springroove- 'So Real (Instrumental)' (White Label)
C2C DMC 2003 Show (Live)
20syl - 'Live On An Mpc'' (Live)
Hocus Pocus- 'J'aimerais (Ijkl...Nop)' (On And On Records )
C2C / Louis Armstrong- 'Tribute To Mack The Knife' (White Label)
Sumerian Atlantic Tribe- 'Solid' (Sat Prod)
Hocus Pocus Feat The Procussions- 'Hip Hop?' (On And On Records )
Hocus Pocus Feat C2C- 'Feel Good' (On And On Records )
C2C DMC 2004 Show (Live)
Cesaria Evora- 'Petit Pays (20Syl Hip Hop Remix)' (White Label)
Dajla How- 'Unsigned Demo' (White Label)
Dj Atom (C2C)- 'Level 1-2-3-4' (Live)
Dj Greem- 'Routine' (Live)
Dj Shadow / Pfel- 'Scratch Session' (Live)
Melodiq- 'Unknown' (White Label)
Hocus Pocus / C2C- 'Keep It Movin' (On And On Records )
Clone- 'Incorporated (C2C Remix)' (BPM Prod / Night & Day)
Dj Pfel- 'Beat Down Routine' (Live)
Dj Atom- 'Wheels On Fire' (Live)
Hocus Pocus Feat Ty- 'On And On Part II' (On And On Records )
C2C DMC 2005 Show (Live)
Dj Greem- 'Outro' (Exclusive)

IE Merge

Ricci Rucker- 'Ox Demo 8' (Unknown)
Metro Area - 'Caught Up' (Environ)
Cut Copy - 'Future' (Modular)
Ratatat- 'Seventeen Years' (Rex Records)
Mount Sims- 'Falling Up' (International DJ Gigolo)
Junior Boys- 'Birthday' (KIN)
The Knife- 'You take my Breath Away (Mylo Remix) (Rabid Records)
Client- 'Radio' (Toast Hawaii)
Gwen Stefani- 'What Are You Waiting For (Thin White Duke)' (Interscope)
Alex Smoke-'Needs ' (Soma)
VHS or Beta- 'Night On Fire (Cut Copy remix)' (Astralwerks)
Machine Drum- 'Make a Decision' (Merck)
Tiefshwarz Feat. Chikinki- 'Wait & See' (Fine)
Mr. Oizo- '1$44' (F Communications)
Japan- 'Quiet Life' (Hansa)
The Chameleons - 'Second Skin' (Glass Pyramid)
The Sound- 'Party Of the Mind' (Unknown)
DFA 1979 /Joy Division- 'Isolation (Merg Remix)' (679 Recordings)
DFA 1979 - 'Romantic Rights (Erol Alkan remix)' (679 Recordings)
Zoot Woman- 'Grey Day' (Wall Of Sound)
Editors- 'Blood' (PIAS)
The Departure- 'Don't Come Any Closer' (Parlophone)
Moving Units- 'Between Us and Them' (RX Records)
Danse Society- 'Somewhere' (Society Records)
Elkland- 'Apart (Merg edit)' (Columbia)

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