Fat Boy Slim - "Gangster Tripping" (Skint)
Beastie Boys - "Body Movin" (Parlaphone)
Fat Boy Slim - "You're Not From Brighton" (Skint)
The Mohawks - "The Champ" (Pama)
Air - "Kelly Watch The Stars" (Virgin)
An Der Beat - "Knuf" (Play It Again Sam)
Fat Boy Slim - "Sho Nuff" (Skint)
Hardwire - "Conskank" (whitelabel)
Wiseguys - "Start The Commotion" (Wall Of Sound)
Grand Larceny - "Stomp" (Southern Fried)
Loop Da Loop - "Hazel" (white label)
Mint Royal - "Dradbeat" (white label)
Stetsaonic - "Talkin All That Jazz" (Tommy Boy)
Suburban State - "It's Yours" (white label)
Cold Steel - "Real Rap Superstart" (white label)
Afrika Bambaataa - "Get Up & Dance" (white label)
Preacher Gus - "On A 45" (white label)
Mr X & Mr Y - "1956" (Loud & Slow)
El Magnifico - "El Magnifico" (ffrr)
Fat Boy Slim - "Kalifornia" (Skint)
Hal 9000 - "Punk Electro" (white label)
Fat Boy Slim - "Satisfaction Skank" (white label)
Buddah Monk - "Gots Like Come On Through" (white label)
Mecca - "Rippin Up Shows" (white label)
Fat Boy Slim - "The Rockafella Skank" (Skint)
Joey Beltram - "Energy Flash" (white label)
Scott Grooves - "Mothership Reconnection" (Soma)
DJ Dealer - "Temptation" (white label)
Fat Boy Slim - "Soul Surfing" (Skint)
Freddie Fresh - "Badder Badder Schwing" (white label)