Radio 1 - 10 Year Ibiza Special [ 2005.08.13 ]

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    26 marzo 2005

    Guiño Radio 1 - 10 Year Ibiza Special [ 2005.08.13 ]

    [font=Courier New]Radio 1 - 10 Year Ibiza Special [ 2005.08.13 ][/font]

    [font=Courier New]Essential Selection 2005.08.12 - with mixes from Timo Maas, David Guetta, PAs by Steve Mac & Steve Smith, Paul Van Dyk & Wayne Jackson, Supafly vs Fishbowl, Jamie Cullum & his brother Ben and chats with Fergie, Dave Pearce and Faithless.
    -Saturday Radio1s Decade in Ibiza 12hr Show-

    [font=Courier New][/font]
    [font=Courier New]7.00pm - Judge Jules Backstage with Erick Morillo
    7.30pm - Radio 1: A Decade in Ibiza, The Story
    8.25pm - Jules, Tong and Pearce Backstage
    8.40pm - Erick Morillo Live from the new Space Terrace
    9.40pm - Dave Pearce & Annie Mac Backstage
    9.50pm - Pete Tong Live from the new Terrace
    10.50pm - Dave Pearce & Annie Mac Backstage
    11.00am - Classic Ibiza Set, Carl Cox at Space 1998
    11.50am - Annie Mac & Fergie Backstage
    12.00am - Above & Beyond Live Inside
    1.00am - Judge Jules Live Inside
    1.50am - Pete Tong & Fergie Backstage
    2.00am - Laurent Garnier Live from the new Terrace
    3.00am - Deep Dish Live from the new Terrace
    4.00am - Rob da Bank & Chris Coco Backstage
    4.05am - Fergie Live Inside
    5.00am - The Blue Room with Rob da Bank & Chris Coco, Live from Space

    [font=Courier New][/font]
    [font=Courier New]TRACKLIST[/font]

    ***Cut-Up Cut***
    ATB - 'Till I Come' (Positiva)
    Modjo - 'Lady' (Sound of Barclay)
    Storm - 'Time To Burn' (Data)
    Felix Da Housecat - 'Silver Screen' (City Rockers)
    K.O.T - 'Finally' (Defected)
    Stardust - 'Music Sounds Better With You' (Roule)
    Rozalla - 'Everybodys Free (To Feel Good)' (Pulse-8)
    Layo & Bushwacka - 'Love Story' (XL)

    ***Judge Jules - Premier Etage***
    Olav Basoski - 'Waterman' (Oxyd)
    Freemasons - 'Love On My Mund' (Loaded)
    Lil' Love - 'Little Love' (
    Coburn - 'We Interrupt This Programme' (

    ***A Decade In Ibiza, The Story***

    ***Judge Jules and Dave Pearce - Premier Etage***
    Energy 52 - 'Café Del Mar' (Hooj Choons)
    BBE - '7 Days & 1 Week' (Positiva)

    ***Eric Morillo - Terrace***
    Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero - 'Say My Name' [Switch Remix] (White)
    Doobie Brothers - 'Long Train Running' [Bootie Mix] (White)
    Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero - 'Back In the Day' [Acapella] (Subliminal)
    Red Carpet - 'Alright' (Positiva)
    Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto - '3am [Acapella] (Defected)
    Kings of Tomorrow - 'Finally' [Acapella] (Defected)
    Herd & Fitz feat Abigail Bailey - 'I Just Can't Get Enough' (Subliminal)
    Unknown - 'Coracao Siempre' (White)
    Gadjo - 'So Many Times' [Accapella] (Subliminal)
    Lipps Inc - 'Funky Town' (CDR)
    Unknown - 'Nobody's Business' [Acapella] (White)
    Eric Morillo - 'I'm Still Waiting' [Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero Remix] (Subliminal)
    Oliver - 'Pling Plank Plu' (White)

    ***Dave Pearce & Annie Mac - Premier Etage***
    Daft Punk 'Around The World' (Virgin)
    Storm 'Storm' (Positiva)
    Tori Amos - 'Professional Widow' (East West)

    ***Pete Tong - Terrace***
    Soul Purpose - 'Salsa House' [Defected]
    Todd Terry - 'Jumpin' [Steve Mac Chop Shop Remix] (White)
    Lifelike & Kris Menace - 'Discopolis' (Vulture)
    Wahoo - 'Make 'em Shake It' [Sandy Rivera Remix] (Defected)
    Hard-Fi - 'Hard To Beat' [Axwell Remix] (Atlantic)
    Martin Solveig - 'Everybody' (Pete Heller Remix] (Defected)
    Mad 8 - 'Work This Pussy' (White)
    Dons feat. Technotronic - 'Pump Up The Jam' [Kurd Maverick Remix] (White)
    Dave McCullen - 'B!*ch' (Full Force Session)
    Trophy Twins - 'Ill Experience\ (Red Recordings)

    ***Annie Mac & Dave Pearce - Premier Etage***
    Jamiroquai 'Space Cowboy (David Morales Remix) (Sony)

    ***Classic Ibiza Set - Carl Cox Recorded at Space 1998***
    Afrika Bambattaa & Soul Sonic Force - 'Planet Rock' (Afrowax)
    Funky Green Dogs - 'Until The Day' (Twisted UK)
    Future Sound Of LA - 'Feel The Sound' (Sound Shaft)
    Jungle Brothers - 'I'll House' (ffrr)
    Dirty White Boys - 'Kickin' Ass' (Twisted)
    Lakota pres. Major North - 'Annihilate' (Lakota)
    Carl Cox - 'Latin Theme' (White)
    House That Trax Built - 'House Nation' (Trax)
    Diamond Ford - 'Ginger Lady' (Euka House)
    Lagatiya - 'El Presidents' (Bass Heavy)
    The Knucklehedz - 'Raise Your Hands' (Tripoli Trax)
    Alison Limerick - 'Where Love Lives' (BMG)

    ***Annie Mac & Fergie - Premier Etage***
    Mylo 'Drop The Pressure' (Breastfed)
    Mauro Picotto 'Lizard' (BXR)

    ***Above & Beyond - Inside***
    Maor Levi - 'Lital' (Anjuna Deep)
    David West feat. Andreas H - 'Larry Mountains 54' (Anjuna Deep)
    2 Devine - 'Black Is The Volom' [Above & Beyond Mix] (White)
    Above & Beyond - 'Air For Life' (Anjuna Beats)
    Armin vs Angelic - 'Rebirth of An Angel' (White)
    Eye Wall - 'Bad Deal' [Remy & Roland Remix] (Armada)
    DJ Tab vs Super 8 - 'Helsinki Scordini' (Anjuna Beats)
    Above & Beyond - 'Above Tonight' (Anjuna Beats)

    ***Judge Jules - Inside***
    Mike Foyle vs. Signal Runners - 'Love Dusk Theme' (White)
    Judge Jules - 'The Serpent' [Jan Loper Remix] (White)
    Fred Baker - 'Electric Shock' (White)
    Kristine Blond - 'Loveshy' (Relentless)
    Matt Darey - 'Eternity' (Darey Products)
    Judge Jules - 'Keep Me Running' (White)
    K90 - 'Red Snapper' (Recover)
    Sonic Vibe - 'Desert Sky' (White)
    Blanco Diablo - 'Absolute Control' (White)
    E. Craig - 'Call It A Day' (Recess)
    Mike Hunt - 'Lick My Window' (White)
    Dumonde - 'Let Me Out' (Empirical Labs)
    Scot Project - 'I (Need U)' (White)

    ***Pete Tong & Fergie - Premier Etage***
    Greece 2000 'Three Drives' (Hooj Choons)
    Depeche Mode 'I Feel Loved (Danny Tenaglia Labour Of love Mix)' (Mute)

    ***Laurent Garnier - Terrace***
    Beyond - 'Crushing' (MU)
    Unknown - 'Elephand Island EP' (Sleep Archive)
    Hardcell - 'Rah' (Inside)
    TDR - 'Smoked Out' (PIAS)
    Underworld - 'Rez' (Junior Boys Own)
    Francesco Farfa - 'Universal Love' (Serial Killer)
    Jussi Pekka - 'The Snack (Cold Cut)' (Wordless)
    Thomas Schumacher - 'Heat It Up' (Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten)
    Laurent Garnier - 'Crispy Bacon' (F-Communications)
    Michael Mayer - 'Neve Luthersche Fraktur' (White)
    Inner City - 'Say Something' (Concept)
    Phortune - 'String Free' (Hot Mix Five)
    Motor - 'Sweat Box' (Novamute)

    ***Deep Dish - Terrace***
    Mansun - 'Wide Open Spaces' [Oakenfold Remix] (Parlophone)
    Deep Dish vs. Dire Straights - 'Flashing For Money' [Sultan Remix] (Positiva)
    Paul van Dyke - 'The Other Side' [Deep Dish Remix] (Positiva)
    Unknown - 'Boston Mix' (White)
    Envotion - 'Vessel Of Poison' (Plastic Fantastic)
    Lunascape - 'Mindstalking' [Dave Aude Dub] (Noire)
    Unknown - 'The Bomb' (White)
    Deep Dish - 'Say Hello' [Steve Angello Remix] (Positiva)

    ***Rob da Bank & Chris Coco - Premier Etage***
    Primal Scream - 'Loaded' (Creation)

    ***Fergie - Inside***
    Mauro Picotto - 'Cry' (Alchemy)
    Slam - 'Kill The Pain' (Soma)
    Ozgur Can - 'Changed' (Organized Nature)
    Think Tank - 'Trouble Machine' (White)
    Roman Flugel - 'Geht's Noch?' [Tolfrey & Sylvester Remix] (Skint)
    Peter Katalfalk - 'Pacific 202' (Mantra Vibe)
    Zzino - 'Bleiter' (News)
    Sharpside - 'Space Cruising' (Rotation)
    Drummer vs. Glazby - 'Oh Know' (Yolk)
    Motor - 'Sweat Box' (Novamute)
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    [font=Courier New][/font]
    [FONT=Courier New]Pablo...[/FONT]
    [FONT=Courier New]Euphoria Party Staff[/FONT]

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    Re: Radio 1 - 10 Year Ibiza Special [ 2005.08.13 ]

    buenisimo PJL
    " Dame un punto de apoyo y movere la tierra"

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