- Nothing Lasts (CD)

Shpongle is back, with a new album, 'Nothing Lasts' a reference to Terence Mckenna...

... and one of their many influences, the imitable audio pioneers, Simon Posford and Raja Ram remind us not only the about the impermenance of life but also how to rewrite the ambient agenda with yet more spell binding music from their outer cosmos that is 'Shpongle'.

With sonic waves in a sea of synths, battalions of brazilian batucada beats, flamenco solo's, piano solo's, vocal soarings from Hari Om and trancey dubs this really is more music from the otherworld. A place of undefinable and indescribable beauty where all cultures collide, genres are rode over roughshot, and nothing is outlawed. For those that know them these will be sentiments they recognise and welcome as further evidence of Shongle's reputation.

To those that don't, welcome to a new universe one with it's own language and musical map, a place of beauty and impermenance.

Style: Ambient

Released: Jun. 2005/24

1. Botanical Dimensions

2. Outer Shpongolia

3. Levitation Nation

4. Periscopes of Consciousness

5. Schmaltz Herring

6. Nothing Lasts

7. Schnitzl'd in the Negev

8. ...but Nothing is Lost

9. When shall I be Free?

10. The Stamen of the Shaman

11. Circuits of the imagination

12. Linguistic Mystic

13. Mentalism

14. Invocation

15. Molecular Superstructure

16. Turn up the Silence

17. Exhalation

18. Connoisseur of Hallucination

19. The Nebbish Route

20. Falling Awake

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