GENRE..... Electronic
STYLE..... Ambient-Industrial
LABEL..... Aliens Productions
MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE... Apr-28-2006
New from Slovakian label Aliens Productions - Anhedonia first appeared on the labels excellent Various Arists - "Signs" compilation and here present their debut full length release. With a backbone of purest Dark Electro, "Destructive Forces" further splits genres by incorporating elements of ambient-industrial, technological futurism and supernatural atmospheres. Across fourteen destructive tracks of rhythmic structures and beautifull electronic melodies it echoes the entrancing, intelligent and sublime sound-design of artists such as Gridlock, Flint Glass and Polygon but with a richer, fuller more driving sound palette. A technological revolution in a world of pulsating generators and shuffling, incessant beats. Excellent.

01 Intro
02 Destructive Forces
03 Malfunction
04 Cyberchondria
05 Neurological Seizure
06 Stir Up The Dust
07 Nuclear Paranoia
08 Icecold
09 Bad Sector
10 Chiba City Blues
11 Hyperreality
12 Whitespace
13 Stir Up The Dust (Disharmony Remix)
14 Tardive Dyskinesia