Snog's last full-length-album "Beyond The Valley of the Proles" was a brilliantly placed shock for many of those who filed David Thrussell's project under 'just-electronic'. Thrussell's reference to artists such as Lee Hazlewood or Leonard Cohen polarized and proved Snog's unpredictable and unique creativity. "Snog Vs..." offers 14 Brand New tracks (alongside 7 new acoustic tracks hidden on the CD in MP3 format) showcasing Thrussell and his companions (C.Peirce of END, Sir Real, Ubin, the Namshub of Enki) as masters of amplified sound - is it electro or industrialised rock as only Snog know how - where slide guitars are hit by shuffle-beats and long forgotten tekkno-anthems are drowning in a sea of breakbeats... Presented in Deluxe digipak packaging.

GENRE..... Electronic
LABEL..... Hymen Records
MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE... Apr-24-2006
01 King Of Hate
02 Crash Crash
03 Bourgeois
04 Turn On Your Brain Baby
05 Planet Of Shit
06 On The Rise
07 Neighbour Of The Beast
08 Poison
09 The Disease
10 Don't Go Down To The Woods Today
11 Destroyer
12 Al Quaeda Is Your Best Friend
13 The De-Evolutionaries
14 A Hymn For The Fascist Republic