VA - Hymns Of Steel (2006)

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    28 octubre 2005

    VA - Hymns Of Steel (2006)

    After more than a year of intense labour, everyone at ELECTRIC TREMOR and Machineries Of Joy (by now most known as the EBM division of COP intl)can proudly present the following creme de la creme of todays EBM scene.
    This release will be historical, as no other sampler of this type has been released before. Do not expect a set of already heard songs, the same remixes over and over again, do not expect only the world most famous bands.
    Here are the bands that really carry out the true spirit of Body Music and believe in this sort of music. Here are bands who proudly march under the flag of Electronic Body Music, bringing their personal hymn to the theme Steel/Stahl. This compilation is one that comes from the heart (of the machines)! ENJOY!

    Quality...: VBR kbps / 44,1Hz / Joint-Stereo
    Label.....: COP Int.
    Rel.Date: 23-04-2006
    Genre.....: Electronic
    Style........: EBM
    01 Pinsel Liest! - Die Stahl Overtuere
    02 Der Prager Handgriff - Schwermetall-Body Mix
    03 Volt - Stahlwerk
    04 Jaeger 90 - Bis Ich Nicht Mehr Kann
    05 Void Kampf - Steel Stahl-Tanzfloor Mix
    06 Cap - Stahlherz-Non Ferro Edit
    07 Ionic Vision - The Steel Hymn
    08 Astma - 449 Metal Bullets
    09 Sturm Cafe - Schweiss Bier Und Stahl
    10 Militant Cheerleaders On The Move - Work Is Violent-Steel Ed
    11 E Craft - Gerichtet-Staehlerne Platte
    12 Container 90 - Precious Boots-Steel Caped Mix
    13 T.A.N.K. - Fact Or Y
    14 Sequenz E - Stahl Auf Stahl-Part III
    15 Tyske Ludder - Betrayal-Alloyed Steel Mix
    16 Mezire - Suffer-Stahlrohr Mix
    17 Proceed - Painspeech-Steelwag Mix
    18 Orange Sector - Kalt Wie Stahl-Stainless Steel
    [FONT="Verdana"]The Freaks Come Out!!![/FONT]

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    27 abril 2010
    ciudad de mexico

    Re: VA - Hymns Of Steel (2006)

    buen material, ojala podamos compartir mas musica

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