Some music from russian club "USSR" (After party 3 year 3 CD)

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    28 octubre 2005

    Some music from russian club "USSR" (After party 3 year 3 CD)

    I offer to listen to the collection of one of ours dj, DJ Antonio (S-Pb, Russia) .Mix was written down couple of months back and it is devoted 3 years selebration one Saint Petersburg from fashionable places. I am not the admirer of creativity local dj, but strangely enough very much even quite good mix, even it is surprising.... To whom it is interesting - download, then will tell the opinion... Will know at the same time - under what music dance in Russia in clubs))..

    CD1 110MB -
    CD2 110MB -
    CD3 103MB -
    [FONT="Verdana"]The Freaks Come Out!!![/FONT]

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    23 agosto 2005

    Re: Some music from russian club "USSR" (After party 3 year 3 CD)

    me gusto muchisimo!

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