XPQ - 21 Alive (2CD Limited Edition) (2006)

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    28 octubre 2005

    XPQ - 21 Alive (2CD Limited Edition) (2006)

    After a three-years break Electro Cult Band XPQ-21 are back with "Alive", an album full of self-confidence and self-belief!
    From the infernal programming of pumping dancefloor beats, the club-hit power of driving EBM/Electro tracks and the booming energy of pounding bass-lines "Alive" sees a welcome return from one of the Electro scenes guiding lights.
    XPQ-21 deliver an irresistable concotion of Electro, Punk, Industrial and EBM culminating in an aggressive inferno. XPQ-21 also deliver versatility, tempering the onslaught of driving club anthems with quiter melodic moments of minimal electro and melancholy soundscapes, delivering a well rounded and essential release for all fans of the Electro genre...
    This is the Limited Edition version of "Alive" presented in a Luxurious A5 Double-Digipak and includes a full colour 28 page glossy booklet PLUS a full length BONUS-ALBUM with remixes from AYRIA, DOPE STARS INC., FUNKER VOGT, ANGEL THEORY, ALICE IN VIDEOLAND and many more...

    GENRE..... EBM, Electro
    LABEL..... Trisol
    MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
    REL.DATE... Mar-25-2006

    01 Gork Tut
    02 Rockin' Silver Knight
    03 Everything
    04 White And Alive (Club)
    05 Jesus Was Gay
    06 Sonne
    07 In Your Eyes
    08 Dead Body
    09 Beautiful (Recover)
    10 Saviour
    11 Barcelona
    12 Changes
    13 Bumble Bee
    14 The First One

    01 Dead Body (Dopestars Inc. Remix)
    02 Dead Body (Alice In Videoland Remix)
    03 Dead Body (Autoaggression Remix)
    04 Rockin' Silver Knight (Ayria Remix)
    05 Rockin' Silver Knight (Skinjob Remix)
    06 Dead Body (Dubnoodles Remix)
    07 Jesus Was Gay (Angel Theory Remix)
    08 Beautiful (Funker Vogt Remix)
    09 Beautiful (Skinjob Remix)
    10 In Your Eyes (3 Cold Men Remix)
    11 Rockin' Silver Knight (Angel Molina Remix)
    12 Rockin' Silver Knight (Eltron Remix)
    13 Rockin' Silver Knight (Cristian Straub Remix)
    14 In Your Eyes (Short Mix)
    15 In Your Eyes (Massimo Vivona Remix)
    16 In Your Eyes (Cristian Straub Remix)
    [FONT="Verdana"]The Freaks Come Out!!![/FONT]

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    23 agosto 2005

    Re: XPQ - 21 Alive (2CD Limited Edition) (2006)

    el cd 2 se zarpa de lo bueno!

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