Mind How You Go is the debut solo effort from former Morcheeba vocalist, Skye Edwards. This boils down to a lush chill-out album — something along the same lines as Beth Orton, but a little more straightforward. There's an understated but essential electronica thread that runs through all the songs, which should keep old-school fans happy. Lyrically, Edwards does well with the uplifting "Powerful," the a cappella "Jamaica Days" (co-written with Daniel Lanois) and "What's Wrong With Me," which makes our everyday, mundane worries seem almost beautiful. As always, Edwards' voice is resonant, smooth and everything that made people love Morcheeba back in their glory days

01. Love Show
02. Stop Complaining
03. Solitary
04. Calling
05. What’S Wrong With Me
06. No Other
07. Tell Me About Your Day
08. All The Promises
09. Powerful
10. Say Amen
11. Jamaica Days

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