Federico Giust - Nightmare
Release Date: Feb 9th '06
Label: L2 Music

Supported by: Red & Blue, Big Head, BP Zulauf, David Ordoñez, Dj Sun and more.

"Federico Giust has turned out more than his share of high-quality music, so you shouldn't be surprised when you hear "Nightmare." ...and yet, it still captivates the attention and tantalizes the imagination with beeps drifting through your awareness on top of steady beats...taking you where you want to go... " Resonant Vibes

"Thanks for this. Am liking this and would definately use this early on in a set. Will be charting it too" Red & Blue

"Nice drum work, very nice drive to it and really moves the song in a nice direction. Overall I like how you have kept the melodies simple and minimal through out, making it tough and driving rather than a big break down climax tune. This tune will fit in nicely as a builder in my sets, a nicer worker track. Production quality is tight as well, nice work mate 8/10" BP Zulauf