Alan Parsons Project - 'Mama Gamma' (Arista)
Dean Coleman featuring Phyre - 'In the Jungle' (White Label)
Soul of Mine - 'Pineapple' (Bombay)
Martin Solineg - 'Linda' (Mixture)
Soha - 'Takemussa' (Africanism)
Julius Papp Featuring Gina Rene - 'A Thousnad Years' (Nite Grooves)
Timo Mass Featuring Finley Quaye - 'Caravan' (Perfecto)
MV - 'Hollow' (S.A.W.)
Dimitri Tenaglia vs. Grace Jones - 'Feel Up' (White Label)
Amor Y Paz - 'Spiritual Vibe' (RPO Trax)
Unknown - 'Cry' (White Label)
Static Revenger -'Breathless' (White Label)
Marino Beradi - 'Do You Want To Dance With Me' (Siesta)
Phoenix - 'If I Ever Feel Better' (Source)
Res - 'They Say Vision' (MCA)
Bombdogs - 'First Time' (Legato)
Rui Da Silva - 'Happy' (Kismet)
No Doubt - 'Hella Good' (Interscope)
Eddie Amadour - 'Psycho X-Girlfriend' (Yoshitoshi)
Dave Lee - 'Fascinated' (White Label)
Luna - 'Do You Believe In Love' (F+G)
Sahara - 'Wasn't the Only' (Armed)
Paco + Julia Set - 'The Deepwire' (Kailash)
X-Press 2 - 'Lazy' (Skint)