The Chemical Brothers Dig Your Own Hole
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    Capital Federal

    The Chemical Brothers Dig Your Own Hole

    April 8, 1997


    1. Block Rockin' Beats
    2. Dig Your Own Hole
    3. Elektrobank
    4. Piku
    5. Setting Sun
    6. It Doesn't Matter
    7. Don't Stop The Rock
    8. Get Up On It Like this
    9. Lost In The K-Hole
    10. Where Do I Begin
    11. The Private Psychedelic Reel

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    bs as

    Re: The Chemical Brothers Dig Your Own Hole

    "Sure we see lots of retro attributes in techno, but it's always tinged with a newness - something fresh. Or at least that is my take on it. With techno you always stay true to these defining things, like a kick drum and a hi-hat -- but the patterns are limitless, and the sounds one can generate are infinite."
    Interview with Bruno Pronsato - 23 April 2005

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