The Furious 15
Coburn- 'Give Me Love' (Lutzenkirchen mix) (Great Stuff)
Chris Lake- 'Release' (Rising)
The Knife- 'Silent Shout' (White)
Eric Borgo & Oliver Raymond- 'Jackin Me' (Bsuba)
Packjam- 'Scattered' (Eye Industries)

Roman Flugel- 'Geht's Noch?' (Tolfrey & Silvester Outed Mix) (Cocoon)

Future Funk Squad- 'Audio Damage' (White)
The Egg- 'Walking Away' (Square Peg)
Beta Blocker- 'Beta Blocker' (Punchfunk)
Robbie Rivera- 'Bizarre Love Triangle' (Juicy)
Speedcats- 'Speedcats' (Roel H Mix) (Silver Planet)

Listener's Old School Tune
Juan Atkins- 'Technicolour' (Metroplex)

Thomas Anderson- 'The Others' (BPitch Control)

Speaker Freaker
Jus Phil- 'May B' (Monumental)

Alex Smoke- 'Snider' (Soma)

Gideon- 'No More Sugar' (Basik Beat)
Perc & Gilbey- 'Reach For The Lazer' (Perc Trax)
Valentino Kanzyani- 'iPray' (Recycled Loops/Jesus Loved You)

Celtec Twinz- 'Morrigan' (Advanced)

One For OneMusic
Manipura - 'Game' (Unsigned)

Fergie Hits The Mix
Oliver Hunteman- 'Cracker' (Con 54)
Kev Gorman- 'Product' (Microwave)
H-Man- 'GTI' (Giant)
Thomas Schumacher- 'Red Purple' (Spielzeug Schallplatten)
Lutzenkirchen- 'Counterfunk' (Oliver Kolletski Mix) (Great Stuff)
Fergie- 'Ken The Men' (Tolfrey & Silvester Mix) (Punchfunk)