Cut Up Cut
Filterfunk - 'S.O.S' [Sander Van Doorn Remix] (White Label)
Aaron Smith - 'Dancin' (Boss)
Soulseekerz - 'Party For The Weekend' (White Label)
Chris Brown feat Juelz Santana - 'Run It' (Sony BMG)
Robbie Rivera - 'Bizarre Love Triangle' (Juicy Music)
Akon & Young Jeezy - 'Soul Survivor' (Def Jam)
Will Smith - 'Party Starter' (Interscope)
Starkillers - 'Discoteca' (Spinnin' Holland )
Kelis - 'Trick Me' (Virgin)

Beatfreakz - 'Somebody's Watching Me' [Hi-Tak Mix] (White Label)
ATFC - 'Spread Love' (OnePhatDeeva)
Grooveland - 'Tell Me' (Lowered Recordings)
Escobar & Vito - 'Jack Musak' (White Label)

Funky Tried And Tested
Blaze Feat. Barbara Tucker - 'Most Precious Love' [Chocolate Puma Mix] (Defected)

Solo - 'Promises' [Summer Guitar Mix] (White Label)
S&M Project - 'One Man' [Thomas Gold Mix] (White Label)
Digitalizm - 'Zdarlight' (Kitsune)
Supermongo - 'Why' (White Label)
Digital Dog Feat. 45 Flat - 'Dirty' (White Label)
DJ Players - 'Trouble Game' (Starview Holland)
E. Unit Feat Simone K. - 'Nowhere Else On Earth' (White Label)

Bangin' Tried And Tested
Johan Gielen - 'Physical Overdrive' (White Label)

Amber - 'Sexual' [Noff vs. Chris Brown Mix] (White Label)
Eye One - 'Meta Samba' ( Cuba Recordings)
Mainx - '88 To Piano' [Fabio Stein Mix] (HitHouse)
Jan Loper - 'I Just Won't Wait' (White Label)
Stuart Miller - 'Sonic Stratosphere' (White Label)

The Saturday Night Mix
Fabio Stein - 'Tran 4' (White Label)
Marcel Woods vs. Fabio Stein - 'Advanced In Brazil ' (White Label)
Joshua Ryan - 'Pistolwhip' (NuLife)
Armandi - 'Philtre' [Green Martian Mix] (Banshee Worx Belgium )
Electrilogy - 'Boowai' (White Label)
Jones & Stephenson - 'The First Rebirth' [Primer Mix] (Bonzai)