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    Essentials many years ago..:))

    1994-12-18 Paul Oakenfold

    Mr V - "Give Me Life" (Cheeky)
    Rise - "Orange" (Perfecto)
    Li Kwan - "Point Zero" (Seka)
    Ennio Morricone - "Friends" (Mercury)
    V Symmetry - "Vaporize" (Eye Q)
    Vanelis - "Tears In The Rain" (East West)
    Eugiena - "Salt Tank" (white Label)
    Hallucinogen - "LSD" (Dragon Fly)
    Goa Gill - "Near To The Divine" (DAT)
    Wojciech Kilar - "Vampire Hunters" (Columbia)
    Electrotete - "Alcatraz" (DAT)
    Vangelis - "Main Titles" (East West)
    John Williams - "Schindler's Workforce" (MCA)
    Man With No Name - "Floor Essence" (DAT)
    Scorpio Riding - "Bugcater" (DAT)
    The Infinity Project - "Stimuli" (DAT)
    Metalheads - "Innner City Life" (ffrr)
    Wojciech Kilar - "Love Remembered"
    Voodoo People - "Co-Incidence" (DAT)
    Total Eclipse - "Waiting For A New Life" (DAT)
    Trance Team - "Wake Up" (diki)
    V-Tracks - "Heretic Voices" (Hotside)
    Marmion - "Schoneberg" (Pure Energy)
    Ennio Morricone - "Vita Nostra" (Virgin)
    Karl Biscuit - "Aktualismus" (MTM)
    Rise - "Sun" (Perfecto)
    Man With No Name - "Deliverance" (DAT)
    Perfecto Allstars - "Reach Up" (Perfecto)
    Para-Dizer - "Songs Of Liberation" (Dos Or Die)
    Dead Can Dance - "Sanvean" (4AD)
    4 Voice - "Eternal Spirit" (Rising High)
    Zen Paradox - "Fornicator" (MDS)


    1999-05-16 John Digweed Live From Twilo, New York, USA

    Raff N Freddy - "Listen" (Pschent)
    Tiny Trendies - "The Sky Is Not Crying" (Pink Music)
    BPT Feat. DM Binxter - "Moody" (Kult)
    Artist Unknown - "Sex" (white Label)
    Los Diablos Loos - "Locomotion" (Oboro)
    Danny & Dick - Untitled (white Label)
    Morel - "True [DD Dub]" (white Label)
    Morel - "True [DD Vocal]" (white Label)
    Jondi & Spesh - "We Are Connected" (Trip N Spin)
    Abastructure - "Illusion" (Fungus)
    Sasha - "Xpander" (Deconstruction)
    Escape - "Cascade Pt 2" (Fluid)
    Escape - "Cascade Pt 2" (Fluid)
    Artist Unknown - Untitled (white Label)
    Mark Bell - "Revolution [Evolution Mix]" (white Label)
    Voyager - "Panic" (white Label)
    Farley & Heller - "The Rising Sun [Digweed & Muir Remix]" (Junior)

    1995-01-29 Dave Clarke

    Sleezy D - "I've Lost Control" (Trax)
    Hashim - "It's Nasty" (Tommy Boy)
    Tim Harper - "untitled" (white Label)
    Nate Williams - "Club Patrol" (Sex Trax)
    Mark The 909 King - "Hardcore" (Sex Trax)
    Gemini - "untitled" (white Label)
    Aphrohead - "In Thee Garden" (Global Cuts)
    Suburban Knight - "The Worlds" (Transmat)
    DJ Pierre - "Atom Bomb" (Guerilla)
    Roy Davis Jr. - "Heart Attack [Remix]" (Power Music)
    K.O.T. - "Abstract College" (Strictly Rhythm)
    Phortune - "Lose Control" (Strictly Rhythm)
    Boo Williams - "White Label" (Relief)
    Paul Johnson - "Soft Spot" (Relief)
    K. Hand - "Get On Up" (Acacia)
    Armand Van Helden - "Get On The Donkey" (Strictly Rhythm)
    Tim Harper - "White Label" (Relief)
    DJ Dusk - "Chique EP" (See Saw)
    DJ Groove - "Good Groove" (Underground Construction)
    Boo Williams - "Quicksand" (Relief)
    Jeff Mills - "Axis 10" (Axis)
    Unit Noeius - "untitled" (white Label)
    The Advent - "Hardfish" (Internal)
    Christian Vogel - "Ninjah" (Mosquito)
    XY02 - "Titan" (UR)
    Edge Of Motion - "Overvolt" (DJax)
    Morganistic - "Bellows" (Inputneuton)
    Suburban Knight - "untitled" (UR)
    Robert Gorl - "Psychoring" (Disko B)
    Oliver Le Castor - "Lodge One" (Step 2 House)
    Robert Hood - "untitled" (Tresor)
    Lemuria - "Voyage To Lemuria" (Submerge)
    Richie Bartz - "untitled" (Disko B)
    Psychonautic Exp 2 - "Nexus" (Reload)
    Rhythmic Riot - "Neuracoustics" (DJax)
    Edge Of Motion - "Del Mortiento" (DJax)
    Pig City - "Digital Porker" (Stress)
    DJ Skull - "Nuclear Fallout" (DJax)
    Robert Hood - "Waveform Vol. 2" (Tresor/Axis)
    Pulzar - "untitled" (white Label)


    1998-11-22 Carl Cox Live From Mexico City, Mexico

    The Venerable Bead - "Metrodome" (Experience 2000)
    Langston Hugg - "High On High" (white Label)
    Phocus - "Rock The Jam" (Vinylly Records)
    The Advent - "Warhead [Amilation EP]" (Tortured)
    Shampale Cartier - "I Got A Man [Logan Circle Dub]" (Paral.Lel)
    Ind. Ex - "Independent Experimatal" (Template)
    Vince Watson - "Glow" (Primate)
    The High Tech Child - "Tribal Storm" (Tronic)
    Storm - "Storm [Club Mix] " (Sony)
    Click - "Sonic Eclipse" (Fishtail)
    Fruitlooop - "Kondde Wants A Man" (Tripoli Trax)
    Steve Mason - "Funkie Future" (Experience 2000)
    Artist Unknown - Untitled (white Label)
    Sound Associates - "Funktion" (Music Man)
    Gold Rush - "Goldrush [Original]" (Tronic)
    Marco Bailey - "Sweetbox" (Lightening)
    Dave Clarke - "Red 2 (Wisdom To The Wise)" (Bush)
    DJ Dan Presents - "Needle Damage" (Moonshine)
    Skinky Pink - "Last Train To Kings Cross " (Positiva)
    Thomas Schumacher - "When I Rock" (Bush)
    Sound Associates - "Music" (Tortured)
    Artist Unknown - "Crazy Bacon" (white Label)
    Marco Bailey - Untitled (white Label)
    Chopper - "7 Hours In A Bathroom" (white Label)
    DJ Stew - "Puff Bootleg" (Frunky Fresh)
    Papson Movement - "Echantillion" (white Label)
    DJ Stew - "Insomnia Bootleg" (Funky Fresh)
    Conga Squad - "After Hours" (Rotating Speakers)
    Future Primitive - "Future [Main Mix]" (Groovilicious)
    Astrid B & JP - "Green Glow" (Bush)
    Funk D'Void - "Lucky Strike [Funk 98 Remix]" (Soma)
    Ind.Ex - "Independent Exp. EP" (Ten Plate)
    Chris Liebing - Untitled (white Label)
    Joi Cardwell - "Soul To Babe" (Tetsuo)
    Communicator - "The Soul" (Module)
    Car Cox - "The Latin Theme [Euro Mix]" (Worldwide Ultimatum/Edel)


    1997-12-30 Daft Punk

    Daft Punk - "Wdpk Essential Intro" (Daft Trax)
    Paul Johnson - "Summer Heat" (Peacefrog)
    Armand Van Helden - "Funk Phenomena [Dope Mix])" (Henry Street)
    CZR - "Chicago Southside" (IHR)
    Unknown - "Git Down Saturday" (Dance 6)
    Remix Delux #1 - "Dee's Knots" (Remix Delux)
    Parris Mitchell - "Ghetto Shout Out" (Dance Mania)
    Daft Punk - "Teachers" (Daft Trax/Virgin)
    Martin Luther King - "I Have A Dream" (20th Century)
    The Godson EP - "Drum Patterns & Memories" (K.D.J)
    Jammin Gerald - "Get The Ho'94" (Dance Mania)
    DJ Attack - "Da Way U Work" (U.C)
    Thomas Bangalter - "Spinal Beats" (Roule)
    Thomas Bangalter - "Spinal Scratch" (Roule)
    Tha West Siders - "Waxscratch Trax" (Dance Mania)
    Fantom - "Faithfull [Prassay Mix]" (Source)
    Fantom - "Faithfull [Original]" (Source)
    Fantom - "Faithfull [Da Cracy Mix]" (Source)
    I:Cube - "Disco Cubizm [Daft Punk Mix]" (Versatile)
    Daft Punk - "Rock 'n' Roll" (Daft Trax/Virgin)
    DJ Hyperactive - "Chicago" (Contact)
    Daft Punk - "Oh Yeah" (daft Trax/Virgin)
    Cajmere - "Only 4 U" (Cajual)
    Trankilou - "Champagne" (Kif S.A)
    Unknown - "And Da Beat Goes On" (Dance 6)
    DJ Funk & Gerald - "Hold Up" (Universal Funk)
    Ween - "Freedom Of '76" (Flying Nun)
    Zdar + Boombass - "Foxy Lady" (Cassins)
    Gusto - "Disco's Revenge" (Bumble Beats)
    DJ Deeon - "Deeon Doez Disco" (Dance Mania)
    Sweet - "Somebody's Watching" (white Label)
    Da Mongoloids - "Spark Da Meth" (Strictly Rythm)
    Roller Rink 2000 - "Shining" (Kumba)
    Roy Davis Jr - "Gabrielle" (Large)
    Robert J. Hairston - "Preacher Man" (white Label)
    Daft Punk - "Around The World [Motorbass Mixs])" (Daft Trax/Virgin)
    Kenny Dixon Jr - "U Can Dance If You Want 2" (K.O.J)

    1996-02-04 Darren Emerson & Underworld

    Underworld - "Juanita" (Junior Boys Own)
    Underworld - "Telematic" (Junior Boys Own)
    Unknown Force - "Circuit Maximus" (430 West)
    Bandulu - "Trouble Shooter" (Blanco Y Negro)
    Silver & Kash - "Session 1" (R&S)
    Chris Sattinger - "Butterfly Skull" (Synewave NY)
    Man Made - "Space Wreck" (Transmat)
    Acid Kirk - "Phungus" (Reload)
    Octave 1 - "The Symbiont" (430 West)
    Underworld - "Air Towel" (Junior Boys Own)
    3FS - "Crackerjack Stitch" (Force Inc)
    Underworld - "Pearls Girl" (Junior Boys Own)
    Clark - "Christo" (Planet E)
    Shake - "Happy To Be Here" (Frictional)
    Oniero - "untitled" (BBC Experimental)
    Exposure - "Love Quest" (Exposure)
    House Music Lovers - "Listen Carefully" (UMD)
    Qix - "Chocolate Chicken" (Probe)
    Russ Gabriel - "Audio Spectrum" (Soma)
    Steve Rachmad - "untitled" (100% Pure)
    Elementz Of Noize - "Yes" (Emotif)
    Kenny Larkin - "Loop 2" (R&S)
    Underworld - "Banstyle" (Junior Boys Own)
    Underworld - "Sappy's Curry" (Junior Boys Own)
    [FONT="Verdana"]The Freaks Come Out!!![/FONT]

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    Re: Essentials many years ago..:))

    1996-02-04 Darren Emerson & Underworld
    uyuyuyuyuyu downloading it thanks.
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    Re: Essentials many years ago..:))

    thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    Activa vs. Chris & Matt Kidd “U.R.” (Stoneface & Terminal mix) (Discover)
    Jochen Miller - Face Value (Extended)[High Contrast]
    Eddie Sender - Sandwalker (Original Mix)[Monster Digital]
    Bryan Kearney - More To Life (Dave Schiemann Remix)[Discover White Label]
    Comunidad Canabica Argentina
    Discover Records Addict

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