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    James Zabiela Sets & Videos

    James Zabiela @ Drag N Drop Christmas Marathon (25.12.2005)

    James Zabiela, Strongarm sessions (Proton) 25-10-2005
    1. Intro - FX Strategy
    2. Unknown - Kinishi (Funk D'Void Intro Edit)
    3. Skin & Bone - Won't Ever Fade (Paul Woolford Remix)
    4. Quadrophonic - The Sound (Habersham Remix Zedit) [CDR]
    5. Mazi & Joshua Collins - Russian Radio (Original Mix) [frik:n:frak]
    6. Martin C - In One Out The Other
    7. Precision Cuts - Forever
    8. Unknown - Renegades Remix 2005 [Inflight Entertainment]
    9. Future Funk Squad - Towards The Sun (Evil 9 Remix) [CDR]
    10. Unknown - Spacefunk (Danny Howells Dalek Funk Edit) [CDR]
    11. Liebe Ist Coo - Wolke 7 (Agoria's Ghetto Retro Mix)
    12. Ali Perc - Moose and Squirrel (Perc's Ninja Turtle Remix)
    13. John Dahlback - Who's Your Daddy [Mutekki]
    14. KLF - At The Rave (Jay Boy Z's Booty)
    15. Aquanuts - Cruiseship Killa [Underground Resistance]
    16. Analord - Crying In Your Face [AFX]

    James Zabiela - live at JustMusic FM, (12.10.2005)

    James Zabiela - Live @ Fabric, London (2005-09-02)
    01. Intro w/elements of KLF - What time is Love/Space Manoeuvres - Stage One (Space Manoeuvres' Total Separation Mix)
    02. Kraftwerk - Numbers (Live Version) Vs 2 Bad Mice - Bombscare
    03. ID - We're here on Christmas / business??
    04. Coburn Presents Dumbblonde - We Have The Technology
    05. Leftfield - Phat Planet (Breaks Mix)
    06. Introspective - Skanky (Splitloop Remix)
    07. Egoexpress - Aranda [JZ Live Edit]
    08. ID
    09. ID
    10. The Crystal Method - Keep Hope Alive (JDS Remix)
    11. Lamb - Gorecki (NuBoy 'Breaks' Mix)

    James Zabiela - Ableton Mix @ Kiss 100 (Jan. 2005)
    01. Funk Da Void - Unkown (James Zabiela edit intro version)
    02. Dubble D feat QNC (Bobby Peru Remix) [2020 Vision]
    03. Aphex Twin - Windowlicker (Kreice remix)
    04. Aya - Sean (James Zabiela edit) [Naked Music]
    05. Royksopp / Earland Oye - There is a light that never goes out (cheeky Zabiela edit)
    06. James Zabiela - Skanksuary
    07. The Plump DJs - Get Kinky
    08. The carbon community - Unknown [Carbon community]
    09. Blake Potter - Timelock [CDR]
    10. Hertz - Progress (Subway Remix) [Q recordings]
    11. Marco Bellini & Van Wellin - Romantic [Plastica Red]

    James Zabiela @ satellite records store Atlanta 22/11/04

    James Zabiela - Warm Up Live Mix JustMusic.FM (2005-12-10)
    01. ID
    02. Robert Babicz - Mister Head
    03. Groove Rebels - Untight (Martin Eyerer Re-Acid Mix)
    04. ID
    05. Depeche Mode - Precious (Unknown Remix) w/*
    06. John Dahlback - Mod Me w/+
    07. ID w/-
    08. Tiefschwarz Ft. Tracey Thorn of Everything But The Girl - Damage
    09. D-Pulse - July Sunset
    10. Phonique feat. Erlend Oye - For the Time Being (Montero Remix)
    11. ID
    12. Danny Nubreed - Festa

    James Zabiela - Kiss 100 (06.03.2005)

    James Zabiela - Essential Mix 22.02.2004
    01.REM - 'Adagio' (Warner)
    02.Filter - 'The 4th (reprise)' (excerpt From Mode 101 Documentary)
    03.Daleks - 'Rebels Of London' (white)
    04.AMB - 'Pure' (Cup Of Chi)
    05.Zabiela - 'Zabielik Beats' (white)
    06.120 Dance - 'I.I.F' (Aqua Lemon)
    07.Stripped Inc Chrome - 'New Bass Edition' (Coldtap)
    08.Robag Whrume - 'Zundlattchen' (Polytik)
    09.Maetrik - 'Excursion' (Morris Audio)
    10.Joshua Collins - 'Polymorphoid' (Simple Soul)
    11.Introvert Vs Bjork - 'Joga' (white)
    12.Funk Da Void - 'Endless' (Soma)
    13.PJ Davy - 'Truffle Junkie' (white)
    14.Tokyo Intro - 'lost In Translation Soundtrack' (white)
    15.Luke Vibert - 'YosepH' (Warp)
    16.Tokyo Intro - 'Lost In Translation Soundtrack' (white)
    17.Brian Reitzell - 'Shibuya' (Lost In Translation Soundtrack)
    18.Excepts From Vinilla Sky - 'Darlek Invasion Of The Earth' (white)
    19.Tiefschwarz - 'Ghosttrack (Blackstrobe Remix)' (Four Music)
    20.Jamie Anderson - 'Annihilator (artform)' (Age Of Love Acapella)
    21.Co-Fusion - 'Seats' (Pro Jex)
    22.Simply Jeff - 'Funk Delux (Elite Force Remix)' (Phonomental Music)
    23.Scam - 'Killer' (Deepcut)
    24.Ficta - 'Eli (Zabiela's Rave Lizard Remix)' (Global Underground)
    25.REM - 'The Great Beyond' (Hybrid Remix)
    26.Syntax - 'Bliss' (Wrecked Angle Mix)
    27.Excerpts From Vanilla Sky - 'Na' (Na)
    28.Jackie Wilson - 'Elevator Song' (NA)
    29.Paul Kalkbrenner - 'The Palisades (Self Soundtrack)' (B*Pitch)

    James Zabiela live @ Moscow

    James Zabiela - Utilities Live @ Cielo, July 05'
    1. Electrondes The Theme from Silvertone' (Silvertone) *
    2. Hugg & Pepp 'Snabeln' (Zedit) (Dahlback) *
    3. Hisham & Dennis Rodgers 'Through You' Vocal Mix (Native Theory) *
    4. New Order 'Blue Monday' (Silinder Mix) (CDR)
    5. Trentemoller 'Rykketid' (Audiomatique) *
    6. James Zabiela 'Eyeamcomputer' (Renaissance / Hearing Aid) *
    7. The Plump DJ's 'The Rub Off' (Finger Lickin')
    8. Dopamine 'Zoit' (TCR)
    9. The Plump DJs 'Scram' (Finger Lickin)
    10. Josh Wink 'Higher State of Consciousness' (Strictly Rhythm)


    Part Zero
    1. War & Peace Intro
    2. Radiohead 'Fitter happier'
    3. Jacob 'Faye'
    4. Swag 'Drum Hydraulics' (Silicone Scally's Re-Remixed Mix) (Tyrant)
    5. Plumbline '150E42' (MB Mix) (Hydrogen Jukebox)
    6. Robag Wruhme 'Hugendubel' (Wuzzelbud KK)
    7. Vector Lovers 'Boulevard' (Soma)
    8. Moby 'Mulholland' (Mute)
    9. Loco Dice 'Minima Brasiliera' (Ovum)
    10. Phonique 'For The Time Being' feat. Erlend Oye (Original Mix) (Dessous)
    11. Morgan Page 'Landline' (Hearing Aid)
    12. Kaskade 'Steppin Out' (Greenskeepers Remix) (OM)
    13. JDS 'Zeon' (TCR)
    14. Banderas 'This Is Your Life' (12''inch)
    15. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Score and Samples
    16. Röyksopp 'Dead To The World' (Wall Of Sound)

    Part 1
    1. Peace Division Intro
    2. Will Saul 'Copicat' (Simple)
    3. Monoo and Francois A 'Traffic' (Buzzin' Fly)
    4. Juan Maclean 'Give Me Every Little Thing' (Dub) (DFA)
    5. M83 'Teen Against' (Luciano Mix)
    6. John Tejada 'Alone With You' (Featuring Carl Finlow) (Logic Memory Center)
    7. John Tejada & Arian Leiste 'Triad Jack' (Pallette)
    8. Jussi-Pekka 'Stereo Interleaved' (Out Of Orbit)
    9. Marc Romboy 'Don't Stop!' (Systematic)
    10. Weekend World 'Acid Drop' (CDR)
    11. The Flying Doctors 'We Make Contact' (Oliver Lieb rmx) (Kindred Sounds)
    12. DJ Hal 'Rocking With Conviction' (CDR)
    13. Kid Blue 'You've Changed' (CDR)
    14. James Talk & Dave Robertson 'Unknown' (CDR)
    15. Depeche Mode 'Precious' (Misc. Full Vocal Mix) (Mute )

    Part 2
    1. Travelling Technology Intro
    2. Habersham 'Dryspell' (CDR)
    3. Kriece 'The Glue that Binds' (CDR)
    4. Stretch n' Vern 'Beats and Bones' (James Talk Remix) (TBC)
    5. PJ Davy 'Bolly Fella' (Renaissance)
    6. Dave Robertson 'Mon Pote' (CDR)
    7. Mos & Plastic Vision 'Toyz In Panic' (Rob Mooney Remix)
    8. Co-Fusion 'SVD' (Ovum)
    9. Undisclosed 'TBA' (CDR)
    10. Danny Nubreed 'Festa' (CDR)
    11. Unsavoury Products 'Bitten By The Black Dog' (Hydrogen Jukebox)
    12. Jay Tripwire' Electricity' (Funk'D)
    13. Adrian Forcinit 'Class Of 94' A3' (Syra)
    14. LCD Soundsystem 'Tribulations' (Tiga's Out of The Closet Mix) (D

    Part 3
    1. Intro 'FX STRATEGY'
    2. Kinishi (Funk Da Void Intro Edit)
    3. Skin & Bone 'Won't Ever Fade' (Paul Woolford Remix)
    4. Quadrophonic 'The Sound' (Habersham Remix Zedit) (CDR)
    5. Mazi & Joshua Collins 'Russian Radio' (Original Mix) [friknfrak]
    6. Martin C 'In One Out The Other'
    7. Precision Cuts 'Forever'
    8. 'Renegades Remix 2005' (Inflight Entertainment)
    9. future Funk Squad 'Towards The Sun' (Evil 9 Remix) (CDR)
    10. Spacefunk (Danny Howells Dalek funk edit) (CDR)
    11. Liebe Ist Coo 'Wolke 7' (Agoria's Ghetto Retro Mix)
    12. ali Perc 'Moose and Squirrel' (Perc's Ninja Turtle Remix)
    13. John Dahlback 'Who's Your Daddy' (Mutekki)
    14. KLF at the Rave (Jay Boy Z's Booty)
    15. Aquanauts 'Cruiseship Killa' (Underground Resistance)
    16. Analord 'Crying In Your Face' (AFX)

    Part 4
    1. Intro 'Wanderers in the 4th Dimension'
    2. Egoexpress 'Knartz IV' (Mute)
    3. Style Rockets III
    4. Jon Gurd & Rob Mooney 'Mac Love' (Bass For Breakfast)
    5. John Dahlback & Steffan Linzati 'Inside' (Pickadoll )
    6. Luke Dzierzek 'Echo' (Silver Planet)
    7. Revolve 'Countermeasures' (CDR)
    8. Ellen Allien 'Down' (Bpitchcontrol)
    9. Mosca 'Up Town With The Krafty Casuals Looking For Bother' (Acid Hooligan)
    10. Slam 'This World' (Wighnomy Bros & Robag Wruhme Dub) (Soma)
    11. Anthony Rother '10000 Dancer' (Data Germany)
    12 & 13.. Ils Vs Depeche Mode 'Enjoy The Silence (Ewan Pearson Mix) / Over My Head' (A Jay Boy Z Mash Up) (Distinctive Breaks / Mute)


    James Zabiela live at sing-sing 2005-12-09

    James Zabiela & Sasha - Sweden 2003

    Cool Stuff From James Zebiela

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    01 octubre 2005

    Re: James Zabiela Sets & Videos

    hay algunas cosas repetidas y varias ya postiadas, otras no pero en fin zabiela, siempre es bienvenido a mi rigido !!! ^^


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    24 mayo 2006

    Re: James Zabiela Sets & Videos

    muy rifado el aporte!! este chavo se ha vuelto de mis favortos en los ultimos tiempos, hace de un track sencillo toda una novedad bajando... saludos!
    [FONT="Times New Roman"]El Trance no es moda, es un estilo de vida.[/FONT]

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    08 agosto 2006

    Re: James Zabiela Sets & Videos

    Como se hace para bajar de hompage?
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]

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    Capital federal

    Re: James Zabiela Sets & Videos

    "but we can't find the HomePage you've requested. It's possible that:"

    Q onda no funciona la pag ?
    “La prohibición es lo que permite decir: ‘Ay, yo no quería pero sin darme cuenta me hice un esclavo y ahora soy una piltrafa humana.

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    08 septiembre 2007

    Re: James Zabiela Sets & Videos

    james zabiela en global gathering 2006 se los enkargo aber kien lo puede tener por ahi

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