Yousef - Essential Mix 22/01/06

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    Yousef - Essential Mix 22/01/06

    I:Cube 'Tokyo Uno' (Versitile Records)
    Jesse Rose 'Nice And Slow ( Loop )' (Front Room)
    Rufus And Chaka Khan 'Aint Nobody' (Warners)
    Jesse Rose 'Nice And Slow' (Front Room)
    Unknown 'Dubsided Records' (White Label)
    Cajmere 'Nasty' (Cdr)
    Plastikman 'Spastic' (Plus 8)
    Miles Maeda 'Unknown' (Cdr)
    Miles Maeda 'Unknow Vocal' (Cdr)
    Ny Express 'I Want It (Funk Box Mix)' (High Resolution)
    Ny Express 'I Want It (28 East Boyz Dub)' (High Resolution)
    Chris Carrier 'Silver Haze' (Cdr)
    Ritchey Hawtin 'Twin Town' (White Label)
    Phil Weeks 'One Time Jack' (Robsoul)
    Jamiroquai 'Electric Mistress (Yousef Unrealesed Dub Vox)' (Sony)
    Nick And Danny Chatelain 'Love Lies (Alex Wolfenden Mix)' (Carioca)
    Marshall Jefferson 'Colours'
    The Wiggs '[email protected] (Deleted)
    Layo And Bushwacka! 'Life To Live (Jesse Rose Mix)' (Omleteo)
    Trevor Rockcliffe 'The Vibe' (Bush)
    Elite Force 'Unknown ( Loop )' (Dubsided)
    River Ocean 'Love And Happiness' (Cooltempo)
    Elite Force 'Unknown' (Dubsided)
    Papa Slide 'Nasty' (Underground Resistance)
    Mync Project 'Something On My Mind (Switch Mix)' (Cr2)
    Lee Mortimer 'From A Great Height' (Carioca)
    Kid Massive 'Alright (Yousef Circus Rework)' (Slip N Slide)
    Paulo Mojo 'Unknown (Jamie Anderson Remix)' (White Label)
    Recloose 'Dust (Re Work)' (Cdr)
    Unknown 'Freakzoid (Danny And Nick Chatelain Remix)' (Cr2)
    Clockwork Orange 'Theme'
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    Re: Yousef - Essential Mix 22/01/06

    segui alimentando mi mp3 player
    "Sure we see lots of retro attributes in techno, but it's always tinged with a newness - something fresh. Or at least that is my take on it. With techno you always stay true to these defining things, like a kick drum and a hi-hat -- but the patterns are limitless, and the sounds one can generate are infinite."
    Interview with Bruno Pronsato - 23 April 2005

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