Zimbardo's ZTribe Records

Cat No: ZTR04
Artist: Asphalteater
Title: Pneumatic EP
Label: ZTribe Records
Release Date: MP3: OUT NOW!!
MP3 Distribution: www.beatport.com | www.djdownload.com

Track Listing:
1. Pneumatic
2. Khaki
3. The Beat That Jack Built

Small selection of the various DJ SUPPORT..

Zimbardo (UK, P&Z / Various Worldwide)
Love them all of course, but Pneumatic has to be the favourite. Dropped it in Zouk in Malaysia last week. Wicked response!!

Jorge Jaramillo (Who Da Funk, Subliminal Records)
I am feeling the Khaki vibe. Like the way it builds and I appreciate all the effects properly placed to give the song a nice ambience. Very moody and Miami sounding. Good work.

Flash Brothers (Israel, Various Worldwide)
We like mostly 'The beat that jack built' on the tuff electric house tip & 'Khaki' on the uplifting progressive tip.

Evolved (USA, Sondos, Amplitude Recordings)
I like Pneumatic a lot.. it’s chunky and fun!!

Trendroid (Twisted, Distraekt etc, Various Worldwide)
This release is wicked.. will be playing all cuts and charting this! Keep em coming!!

Eric Entrena (Spain, Distraekt, Various Worldwide)
On your marks, set your pneumatics… GO!! Pneumatic will be played in my sets!! No Doubt!!

Ray Roc (USA, Rocit Recordings)
Deep and Funky EP. Great Peak, Filler and warm up tracks!!

Hardy Heller (Germany, www.auralis.org)
The Beat, and Khaki are my favourites which i’ll definitely play. Khaki is especially great!!

Moussa Clarke (UK, Oven Ready Productions)
Loving this release Z, Really strong, Pneumatic in particular is wicked!!

and many more... [/size]