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Cat No: Benchmarc001
Artist: Deepgroove
Title: Indigo Three Forty / Acid House Memories
Label: Benchmarc Records
Release Date: Vinyl :March 6th 2006 - MP3: Feb 16th
Distributed by: Unique Distribution ([email protected])
MP3 Distribution: Beatport, DJdownload, 3Beat Digital

Track Listing:
Indigo Three Forty
Acid House Memories


Bristol's hardest working producers do some overtime and bring in 2006 with a chunky production debut on Benchmarc records.

Tom Stephan (UK, aka Superchumbo)
Good stuff! One of Deepgrooves finest!

Robbie Rivera (USA, Juicy Music, Various Worldwide)
The Deepgroove tracks are cool..!!

Jody Wisternoff (UK, Way Out West)
Fookin Love Acid House Memories mate!!!

Matthew Dekay (DK Records / Little Mountain Records)
Ibiza Vibe!! – 7/10

Hector Romero (SAW Recordings, Various Worldwide)
Thanks for the cool music - Acid House Memories looks like it's gonna grow on me!! Drums are wicked and the groove really works. Best of luck with the new venture.

Anthony Pappa (UK, Various Worldwide)
Thanks for sending me a copy of Deepgroove - "Indigo Three Forty" / "Acid House Memories".
Both tracks are pretty cool and l will try to play them out in my sets. Acid House Memories will especially work well out.

Tony Thomas – (Various, Worldwide)
Mate I’ve been playing that Indigo340 for a while now - I love it !
I've had a lot a gigs lately all over the place and it's going down very well mate, they all love it

Barry Gilbey (ChooChoo, Various Worldwide)
Wicked tunes, sounded mint in poland this weekend

Jonathan Ulysses (UK, Various Worldwide)
Wicked tunes, Deepgroove are killin it, 9/10 - I'll be charting this one. Half of my charts gonna be Deepgroove records - careful !!

Nico De Ceglia – (UK, Radio1 scout)
Thanks for the Deepgroove CD. 2 good tracks from this duo, I’ll play both in my sets.
I’ll definitely recommend the track to Pete Tong for the show.
I’m also reviewing it on the February issue of Discoid Mag (

Full Blown / DJ Asle (Size Records, Whoop)
Acid House Memories is incredible..

Mashtronic (Mashtronic Records, Eyezcream, Various)
I checked your fantastic 001! I’ll definitely use it! INDIGO 340 is really my kinda style!

Shmuel Flash (Israel, Flash Brothers)
We both really like the 2 tracks and definitely gonna play them
in our next gigs and also will add it in our next chart as well
looking forward to hear more new stuff from your label in the nearest future.

Flash Brothers (Israel, Various Worldwide)
YO BRO! WE LIKE VERY MUCH THE 'ACID HOUSE MEMORIES TUNE' - like its mixture of acid & melodic vibe. We support it!

John Aquaviva (Various Worldwide)
thanks for the tracks. Acid House Memories is the one for me. nice one!

DJ Mannix (DJ Mag Hype Chart)
Those are big weapons man!

Sonny Wharton (Various Worldwide)
lovin' acid house memories!!! both tracks are ace )

Moshic (Israel, Various Worldwide)
Sounds interesting, out of my style, but very nice production!!

Aldrin (Zouk, Singapore)
Full support on this one! Madass electro for the twisted dancefloors!

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